Friday, September 24, 2010

Anyone Need a SheepieSitter?

Who needs a babysitter when you have a Sheepie? Happy Weekend, readers. We're spending ours at the beach!

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  1. SO jealous that you're at the beach! Take a bunch of pictures so I can be even more jealous/live vicariously through you! Have such a good time, dear! Happy weekend!

  2. bahaha! If my toy poodle isn't a good sitter, I'll call 'ya! ;-P

  3. So cute! I love that they bond so well.

  4. aww...I have yet to get Elvis (holy terror chihuahua we love regardless) from his temporary home at grandmas...sheepie is PRECIOUS. Baby Carter is growing and handsome as ever!

  5. LOVE this picture!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend at the beach!!


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