Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why YOU need the L'ovedBaby 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl. A Product Review You Can't Miss!

Recently, Sharon Oved, CEO of the amazing company L'ovedbaby, sent me the 4-in1 L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawl and I couldn't wait to share this product review with all of my favorite Mommies and Mommies-to-Be out there. 

I love this product for so many reasons. For starters, I love that Sharon's company, L'ovedbaby, donates a percentage of their profits to breast cancer research each year. As an oncology nurse, this type of charity really hits close to home. If you have a minute, I encourage you to check out Sharon's motivation behind her creation and the birth of this wonderful product, the 4-in-1 nursing shawl. 

As I'm sure many of you breastfeeding mothers can relate, both new and old, in the early stages of feeding, as both Mom and baby are getting the hang of it, it's difficult to carry on with activities of normal daily living. Having given birth to Carter nearly seven weeks ago, I feel like a majority of my time has been spent indoors, in our home, worrying about how and when and where Carter needs to be fed. With a schedule that involves him eating every 2 hours, I always felt like I couldn't go anywhere or see anyone because it was always almost time for Carter to eat. Not to mention that I never really felt comfortable "whipping out the boob" in public or even in the company of friends.

Sure, I tried hiding behind receiving blankets and strategically placing pillows and throws nearby, but I always seemed to flash an innocent bystander.  

Until now. Until I started using the L'ovedbay 4-in-1 nursing shawl. This product has truly been a lifesaver and has allowed me to return to reality not only as a Mommy but as a functioning member of society. 

Just this past weekend, I ventured out to a nearby mall that is rather populated on the weekends. Especially one of the first "back-to-school" weekends of September. Needless to say the mall was bustling with people and I could feel my palms begin to sweat as Carter began to fuss the "hunger fuss."

I casually planted myself on a nearby bench, unfolded my 4-in-1 nursing shawl from it's darling and easy to manage travel bag, slipped it over my head and well.. the rest is a success. This shawl is truly so convenient that I don't even need to wear any additional "nursing wear." We all know how attractive and un-fashionable nursing wear can be and with my new shawl, I don't have to worry about looking extra matronly. Which, at 27, is a big deal for me!

In case you were wondering, during the entire twenty minutes that Carter nursed? I received zero awkward stares. The versatility of the shawl plays a big role in this, I am sure. Made of super soft fabric and available in a variety of colors, to many the shawl appears as just a fashionable accessory! Under closer inspection, however, the little tootsies peeking out from underneath may tell a different story!

So why should you run out and purchase a L'ovedbaby 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl?

Taken from the company website: 

•The L'ovedbaby™ nursing shawl offers Mom a way to discreetly nurse in public, while protecting the baby from distractions.

•The shawl travels well and always stays fresh in its matching drawstring pouch.

•The complete 7 oz. package fits neatly in any purse or diaper bag.

•One size fits all means hassle-free shopping and easy gift-giving.

•Machine washable and dryer safe...nothing could be simpler.

•Extremely lightweight, breathable, and super-soft to the touch and on baby's skin.

•Roomy neckline for added style and increased visibility between mother and child.

•Full coverage of mom...both front and back; no special nursing clothing required.

•L'ovedbaby's™ custom-made fabric complements any outfit...from casual to business to elegant. And, because it's not cotton, it's less likely to harbor bacteria. 

Have you already pointed your browser to Sharon's website? Are you choosing one of the many offered colors for your new 4-in-1 nursing shawl? If not, you should be.
Where does the "4-in-1" functionality come into play? Easy. You can also use this fabulous nursing shawl as a receiving blanket or cover for your little one or even as a sunshade or germ-blocker for your carset or stroller. It truly is worth it's weight in gold.
If breastfeeding isn't your thing, you should still head on over to L'ovedbaby.com and check out some of the other fabulous products offered such as adorable baby clothes, super functional bottle trees and more!
Sharon, I cannot thank you enough for sending this nervous new Mommy such a wonderful and fabulous must-have. The anxiety that I once felt in regards to leaving the house or entertaining guests and worrying where, when and how I would feed Carter is no longer a concern! Thank you so much!


  1. This is too cute. I'm going to check it out. I've been using an udder cover and I gotta say I've been liking the results too.

    I think its so funny that you start getting the palm sweating when out in public with carter and you realize he need to eat. I swore I was crazy for getting the same feeling when I'm out and about with Ella.

  2. thanks for the great review I am planning on breastfeeding and this was one of my biggest concerns. Definitely purchasing one of these lovely shawls :)


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