Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Knew...

that this silly little Power Ranger, circa 1997

would eventually grow up (and I mean, eventually...)

to be an awesome, hilarious

handsome, stand up and kickass kind of guy

who's graduating from high school this weekend?
I almost can't believe it myself.

Congratulations to my little brother
as he not only closes the book on this chapter in his life
but gears up for the greatness that lies ahead.

Woobs, I am so incredibly proud of you and can't wait
to watch you walk across that stage and grab that diploma
you've worked SO hard for!


  1. congrats!! my little brother graduates this weekend, too!!

  2. The love you have for your brother is so sweet!!! Enjoy his graduation {and a chance to hang out at BC again!! haha}

  3. UHM! How cute is he? So funny that we have siblings the same age- maybe the should date (granted he doesn't have a girlfriend?) and we could be like in-lawsish. HAHA!

  4. Happiest Grad Little Bro.

    (I have close connection with my little bro too, and i'm so incredibly proud of the man he's become.. amazing how quick they grow up huh?)

    handsome devil! :)


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