Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Friend for Sullivan?

While furiously mowing the lawn to keep up with our immaculately landscaped neighbors, Hubs found this little guy wandering around our backyard! Tearing up the deck, Hubs bangs on the sliding glass door yelling, "Babe! Hurry up! Bring your camera! Your iPhone! Whatever!"

Okay. Telling your very pregnant, very sedimentary wife "hurry up" is just plain mean. Especially when it's taken her approximately 33 minutes to position the pillows on the couch in just. the. right. spot.

There is no hurrying. Unless of course there is water-breaking or ice cream involved. And knowing my husband? He was calling me outside to see something gross and/or scary. Like a giant snake. Or a carnivorous spider. Like I said, no need to hurry.

I grab my camera, waddling out onto the deck and see my husband crouching down in the middle of the yard. I waddle down the stairs and find him talking to this little guy:

we've named him timmy.

Finding him in our backyard brought back so many memories of growing up in Hometown, New Jersey right alongside an enormous pond. Peepers, tadpoles, bullfrogs, snakes.. geese, goslings, swans. You name it. It was like growing up in a veritable wildlife sanctuary. Now that we live right alongside a little babbling brook, we're hoping to see much more of Timmy and his turtle friends! However, Timmy, for the record, we don't allow snake friends in our backyard. Just throwing that out there..


  1. aww, i love timmy!! i am constantly finding turtles and frogs in my parents' backyard and pool. last week, i see bailey (my puppy) playing with something and go out to find it's a baby SNAPPING turtle! we let him go, haha.

  2. wow.. i cant believe you found this little guy in your backyard.... I have a turtle back at my parents' house, they live for a long time!! xxxooo

  3. How cute. My dog would have gone nuts for this little guy.

  4. The part that made me laugh the most is that he told you to hurry up so you wouldn't miss the turtle. As if it were going to sprint across the yard. :-)

  5. awww, sweet timmy! he's just PRECIOUS!!! :)

  6. haha! how adorable!!

    I laughed out loud at the not moving unless it involves ice cream. :)

  7. awww, timmy is so cute! How adorable!

    I'm a new follower, by the way! :)

  8. and here I thought I may scroll down to see another sheepie =(

  9. awwww how cute!!! I had a pet turtle in college...I think it was against the rules to have them in dorms, but I figured he lived in an aquarium, and they alow fish so why not? haha, his name was Ernie and he was so awesome! Another girl in my sorority has one too and we would race them against one another. :)


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