Thursday, June 24, 2010

34 Weeks, Doctor Drama, Lightening Hoo-Ha and A Nursery Sneak...

OK, so technically I am 34 weeks tomorrow, Friday, but in keeping with my current mantra of impatience, I figure, "what the heck? I'll post today!" 34 weeks. As I'm sure you can tell, I snapped that picture while waiting to see my OB yesterday. After leaving my beloved practice in Pennsylvania midway through my pregnancy, I began seeing a highly recommended mid size group of physicians down here in Maryland. Figuring I shouldn't get too attached to one physician so late in my pregnancy, I decided I should probably rotate through the 7 of them. And so I did. And here's a snapshot of how it went:

Dr. M: Recommended a fab pediatrician, however inferred that it was a "good thing I left oncology nursing because in her opinion, I wasn't old enough to have shared the kind of compassion and empathy with my patients that they were truly seeking." Yep, that was the first and last time I saw her. Freaking moron. With my luck, she'll be on-call when I go into labor.

Dr. H: Most definitely not much older than I, during our 20 minute appointment, kept referring to me as "Sweetie," as if I was an uninformed child. Um, just like they say on that MTV show, "Neeeexxxxxttt!"

Certified Nurse Midwife M: I actually saw CNM M first, before the practice informed me that I needed to verbalize whether or not I wanted to be followed by the Nurse Midwife half of the practice or the Physician half of the practice. CNM M needed to Google my own personal birth history as I was giving it because she didn't really understand the medical terms I was using. I kid you not. Needless to say, I chose to see the Physician half of the practice.

Dr. E: After my three previous caregiver interactions, I figured it might be time to make an appointment with one of the names leading the practice. You know what I mean. I'm seeing a group of doctors under the "X," "Y" & "Z" Group. I assumed it was about time I see Dr. "X." In this case, however, his last name began with an "E." And the first appointment I had with him, he comes strolling into the room relaxed, very tan and wearing khakis and boat shoes without socks. Now we're talking. Immediately after introducing himself, eyeing my Kindle, he strikes up a conversation about books and the Kindle vs. The Nook. Seriously, could this guy be any cooler? Any more my type? Had he not been shorter than myself, I may have labeled him Dr. Silver Fox. And there went my theory of seeing every doctor in the practice before I deliver. This guy is the bomb-diggity.

34 weeks.

Weight gain. A weight gain of 36 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I jokingly informed Doc. Silver Fox that I now officially weigh MORE than my husband and in return he said, "Honey, once you pop that baby out, those pounds will melt right off. Even your husband won't be able to lose weight that easily." I'm sorry doc, but could we be BFF? Maybe hit up a Happy Hour in approximately 5 weeks?

Sleeping (or lack thereof). Nothing more than a chore. I go to bed with throbbing feet and aching hips and despite my love affair with the Snoogle, I wake up feeling the same way.

Have you seen my fingers? I can't feel them. My hands randomly started going numb these past couple of weeks. It's really annoying when trying to blow dry your hair, put on makeup, grocery shop.. Pretty much any activity that involves raising your arms above your head for a short while.

Lightening hoo-ha. Check any medical book. You may or may not find this condition in there. But it refers to the shooting, stabbing pains that I'm now feeling in my nether regions as Baby Boy continues to finagle himself into just the right head-down position. Holy cow does this hurt.

The desire to sit around your house wearing nothing but underwear. Not only am I slowly approaching that stage in pregnancy where even my maternity clothes no longer fit, but I'm also beginning to loathe the feeling of any type of fabric clingy or loose, touching the belly. Shirts, tanks, waistbands of pants, shorts, etc. Gross. Maybe I should start looking into joining a nudist colony for these final few weeks.

Ah, 34 weeks and a much anticipated Nursery Sneak!

So many of you have commented and emailed me in regards to whether or not I would be sharing pictures of the nursery! Well, let's just say it's very slowly coming along. I'm a little disappointed in myself that it's not already finished, but I do have to keep reminding myself that we did just buy a brand new house and have managed to paint nearly every single room and furnish it accordingly. The fact that the nursery is only a third of the way complete and the rest of our house is nearly perfect speaks volumes. However, I'm still neurotic and impatient and feel only slightly like a Mommy Slacker.

Here's a peak at our reading/feeding corner. Major kudos goes out to Hubs who painted this entire room by himself, including the painstaking stripes that required superhuman patience and concentration to outline, tape, prime and paint. Pardon the iPhone photo, but if you can't tell, Baby Boy's room (gosh, it's REALLY hard not to type his name!) is predominantly a dark grey-ish blue with khaki and white accent stripes. That, my friends, is a picture of the world's most comfiest swivel-glider combo known to man. It's upholstered in a chic microfiber that I am just in love with and can't wait to clean both breast milk and baby spit-up off of that sucker.

Baby Boy's crib is also assembled in the room, but I haven't quite gotten around to making it up with his bedding of choice. Here's a sneak peak of Baby Boy's crib bedding. My goal was not to go too overboard with a theme of sorts, but we have chosen to accent his room with both Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit artwork and other tstochtkes. So, I guess you can say his room will be a Peter Rabbit Nursery.

Although Baby Boy will be spending the first few weeks of his life sleeping in our room, my goal is to have his nursery completed by the second week of July. Then I PROMISE to share with you all how darling his room looks all put together!
With home, the home you call your own,
It really doesn't matter where,
There is no place, in all the world,
That ever will or can compare.
Peter Rabbit.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Dearest twin belly friend. You look amazing. And I love that literally everything you write, I could have said myself. ALMOST THERE!!!

    That bedding.. to die for! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Yuo look fabulous and I love the nusery so far! :)

  3. The paint looks amazing! Can I borrow your hubs to repaint my master bedroom? Thanks! haha

  4. wow, lets hope you end up with Dr. E! I can't believe what Dr. M said.. WHATEVER!

    nursery looks great!!

  5. That is so funny! Lets hit up the bars there Dr. I had an ob recently who came in and called me by the wrong name....lets just say I threw a nutty anddddd I hope she wont be delivering my baby! LOL! Love the nursery so far! :)

  6. Love that chair, I am looking at one similar for our room.

    You look great!!!

  7. You look amazing. I'm glad you found a doctor you liked. It sucks so much when you hate all of them and have to rotate. I have four in the practice I go to and a Nurse. I love all the doctors but hate the nurse. She's the only one who always threatens to put me on a diet when I visit. I swear I leave in tears everytime. With my luck, I'll be stuck with her on deliver day. That wench.

    The nursery looks adorable. I know what a PITA it is to paint stripes...never again. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

  8. Im so glad Im not the only one giving you not so subtle hints about the nursery... its so adorable so far- cant wait to see the finished product with your wee nugget snuggled up!

  9. Yay for finding a normal doc!

    I love the room!

  10. um, i cant believe your doctor search. that's almost so comical it could be in a movie.

  11. You are so funny and I loved hearing about each doctor and the midwife... people these days! You look great for 34 weeks! Ah I can't wait to be at that point! And I LOVE the nursery... your husband did a fabulous job with the painting. Patient man.

  12. You're hilarious! Lightening hoo ha definitely brightened my day! Lol! You are adorable by the way, the belly is great! Can't wait to see the rest of the Nursery :0)

  13. I love your pregnancy stories. You are so funny! Looking good, mama!

  14. Oohh how precious, it's going to be SUCH a sweet room! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  15. You look fabulous! I got my very first stanger comment a whopping 34 weeks someone actually noticed I was pregnant and not just a huge fat cow! Woo hoo!! Your bump however could still kick my bumps ass...there's NO denying your bun in the oven! Can you believe we only have 6 weeks to go...six?!? Holy crap our nursery is a mess! Yours is looking good, can't wait to see the rest!

  16. You look adorable - that belly! Oh my gosh, so perfect. I'm glad you found the right doc for you. It is so important to have someone you feel comfortable with. I love Baby Boy's room. The Peter Rabbit theme is great. Can't wait to see more!

  17. This is quite possibly the funniest post ever. I laughed out loud and even read it to my mom who kept nodding and saying, "Yep... I went through ALL of that with you, you little pain." And she meant that in as loving a way as possible, I'm sure. :) Hang in there!!

  18. Oh my word - I couldn't believe it when I read what Dr. M said about oncology nurses. What the heck?! I suppose that we shouldn't allow anyone to work oncology until they're over 40, right? Sheesh!

    That's great that you found a good doctor. Fingers crossed that he's on call when the big day comes!

  19. Wow, I can't believe doctors would say things like that to you! Hope you get the one you want!

    That chair looks so comfy!

  20. gah you're so cute!!!! i can't believe how close you are!

  21. Love the room and the bedding! You look great!

  22. first off - you are SO adorable!

    second - loooove the nursery! those stripes are awesome and will transition so well into a "big boy" room!

  23. Um yes, it sounds like you picked the best doc of the bunch!

    You look fantastic!

  24. Please share where you found your chair! I'm in need of one and am having a terrible time making a decision. Love the paint! The stripe is awesome!

  25. I finished my son's nursery on Saturday...he turns 1 on Wednesday. You are definitely not a Mommy Slacker! :) Can't wait to hear Baby Boy's name, our son didn't get named until he was 2 days old. I guess I'm the real Mommy Slacker!

  26. So I accidentally deleted my blog and have been too lazy to start a new one but just came back to yours and wanted to say CONGRATS! I still love the koozie you sent me in the koozie swap last summer. So excited to see you're expecting :)

  27. First of all, your nursery looks amazing!

    Second...ah yes, the evil crotch pain! I remember that well. I remember it literally stopping me in my tracks while I would be at work walking down the hall.

    You are still looking adorable!

  28. We are TOTALLY pregnancy twins. I have the lightening who-ha problem too! It sucks!
    I started drinking 100 ounces of water a day ( yes I pee ALL.DAY.LONG.) but it made the swollen fingers and feets stop swelling.


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