Tuesday, June 8, 2010

31 Weeks And a Womb With a 4D View!

31 weeks. Holy smokes.

Hello, gigantic mix of emotions! It's no lie that I'm quickly growing impatient with this final leg of pregnancy. It's so easy to find yourself frustrated and uncomfortable and completely unaware of your ever-growing circumference. No matter how blessed, lucky and overwhelmed with happiness and anticipation as you might be, it's especially easy to find yourself wishing away the last several weeks of pregnancy. Of course, this is all my own opinion. (Disclaimer: Baby Boy, I would appreciate you staying in there to bake for at LEAST five or six more weeks. Then you can come out and play!)

Let's take a brief look at the less.. glamorous side of pregnancy, shall we?

Just yesterday, I swear I fit through the clothing racks at Target without
having to turn sideways, frontways, backways, etc.

It's too hot. All the time. Everywhere I go.

My wedding bands no longer fit and therefore, to many, I appear an unwed mother.
The looks and stares are not always pretty. Idiots.

My back hurts. All the time. Everywhere I go.

If one more person tells me, "My, you are NOT going to make it until the end of July," or "Are you sure it's not twins?" I'm going to smack them.

My husband is a saint for all of the back-rubbing, head-rubbing, foot-rubbing, insert-pretty-much-any-body-part-rubbing, he's been offering to do.

I now drive with one of those "old person" back supports in the car.

I can't stand the feeling of anything elastic or remotely constricting near my waist.
This goes for pants, shorts, underwear, seatbelts, etc.
(That doesn't mean I don't wear them! Goodness!)

I live in my husband's drawstring Under Armour athletic shorts and his over-sized T-shirts.
If only this was acceptable attire for graduations, weddings and showers,
I'd be happy as a clam!

I've opened countless car doors right into belly
and have quickly been struck by motherly guilt
for bumping Baby Boy right in the backside.

I've spit toothpaste right down onto belly, completely missing the sink bowl,
as I'm brushing my teeth (too many times to count!)

I curse and whine. A lot.

I've perfected the waddle.

I miss zippers. Zippers! I long for the day when I can pull up a pair of pants
and zip them closed. Don't get me wrong, elastic belly bands are glorious-
but zippers? Oh, zippers.

Whew. Enough of that rant. Moving on to much cuter, much better things.

3D/4D ultrasound. God's gift to impatient pregnant women.

Genius. Genius. Genius. How amazing. Let's just say this boy loves chocolate almost as much as his Momma does! Although a bit shy and uncooperative in the beginning, after several Hershey Kisses, Baby Boy was awake, alert and ready for his close-up!

I may be a bit biased, being how I'm his MOTHER and all,
but how can you not fall immediately in love
with those chubby cheeks and pouty lips?

What a smile! Throughout our 45 minute boutique ultrasound, Baby Boy was constantly drawing his feet and hands up to his face, opening his mouth, yawning and smiling. The ultrasound tech confirmed my suspicions- that Baby Boy is laying head down, oblique in position, with his head laying over either my right or left hip, depending on the day. No concerns, as he has more than enough time to scoot into a more vertical, head-in-the-pelvis position during the next few weeks. The guess is that he'll be an average-sized baby, measuring between 7 and 8 and a half pounds.

Although, if you ask me, 8 and a half pounds is awful close to NINE pounds and that's just ginormous in my book.

He kicks, he punches, he rolls, he hiccups. He stretches until he runs out of room and elbows and knees poke out of my belly. He tucks his feet up under my ribs and tickles me with his toes. It's cute for about thirty-seven seconds before I want to shove him so far down into my pelvis, he couldn't possibly wiggle his way up that high again.

His nursery is about a quarter of the way complete (hello, slackers!) and the furniture arrives later this week. I've already started a small library for him chock full of some of my absolute MOST favorite childhood books.

The Giving Tree.
Where The Wild Things Are.
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.
Scuffy the Tugboat.
Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

We've already started reading together, although I can't say he loves it nearly much as he does rocking out to our iPod.
Wish me luck this weekend as I stand beside one of my dearest college friends as she says ,"I do!" to her college sweetheart. Note to self: Being a bridesmaid at thirty-two weeks pregnant is NOT the wisest decision you'll ever make! But it'll certainly be worth it!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. You look great!!!

    I too miss zippers, I feel like its a process to pull up pregnancy jeans which involves lots of wiggling and jumping and tugging, lol. And then you must repeat every time you stand up or you will have 'saggy butt'.

    Love the 4D, I can't wait to get mine, still a few months away!

  2. You look fabulous my dear! Absolutely stunning. And those pictures? OMG, I want to just pinch those little cheeks!!!! How is it that we are both so in sync with our pregnancies, yet don't even know each other IRL. Love it!

  3. Aww I love the 3D/4D ultra sound pics! I don't get those until 36 weeks! Boo!

    I know what you mean about doors. My pet peeve is public restrooms that have small stalls. I can hardly get in them and shut the door without the door hitting my stomach!

    You look great!

  4. Aaawww, he is precious! Can't wait to see real pictures. You look fantastic!!

  5. ahhh, he's BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    okay, you, dear, look GORGEOUS. and umm, i have seen people 200x your size at 20 weeks! you still have skinny arms and legs, woman!

    and my favorite line ever: "My wedding bands no longer fit and therefore, to many, I appear an unwed mother. " hahaha

    hang in there! only a liiiittle longer to bake!!

  6. I cant wait to see the nursery- please tell me youll post pics!

  7. you look great and this last part really will fly by! i'm not going to tell you to be patient though, because i remember how bad the last part of pregnancy really was so... enjoy your hubby's clothes and eat to your hearts content inside with the ac blasting. that's all i've got =)

    and your little one is mighty adorable!

  8. oh.. and i banged baby girl with the door more times than i can count and she came out ok =)

  9. you look amazing!! and how cute are the sonogram photos, awww... xxxoo

  10. You look so good and your little one is absolutely adorable! :)

  11. You my dear are glowing and gorgeous and lovely.

    :) love the 4D! :)

  12. You look great! Love the pictures of baby boy! He is too precious. :)

  13. You look amazing!!! Way to rock the skinny jeans and I love the tank. So cute. Super cute pics of the babe too, don't you just love them?! I can't stop staring at mine.

  14. You're getting so close - and I think you look fabulous!

  15. You look great! Just a tiny little body with a basketball :-)

    Those 3D/4D pics are awesome!

  16. You look great! I hope I look that good in a few more weeks...don't forget to add if you give a pig a pancake to your book list ;)
    Bravo for being a bridesmaid! I cannot imagine..

  17. You look gorgeous and have the cutest baby belly! :)

  18. You look amazing! I remember our first 4D ultrasound. It was the most amazing thing ever! Gillian Grace arrived looking just like her pics!
    New follower and I'm looking forward to reading more about your journey to first time parenthood. Being a new parent myself, I can honestly say it's the best thing ever! Happy almost Friday!

  19. I loved this post. You crack me up... and you remind me so much of... myself. Congrats by the way! You look absolutely beautiful pregnant :)

  20. well you're certainly looking adorable here at 31 weeks! i, too, though, am totally loving my husband's gym shorts and t's.

    new follower...can't wait to read the rest of your blog!


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