Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Raining Babies.

Catchy title for a post about my baby shower, right? OK. Maybe it is true. Maybe this baby has sucked all of the creativity and ingenious writing right out of my body, because lately? I can't think of anything interesting or entertaining to talk about. All I can think about is baby and all things baby-related. For example:

- I've had countless "holy crap" moments this week in regards to the very real potential that I could pretty much have a baby any time in the next four to five weeks (or less). A real, live baby.
- Almost 35 weeks pregnant and I have sausage fingers. Legit sausage digits. Which, on my 5'7" frame, makes it look as if I have midget hands. Not only is this mega uncomfortable, but it's also super creepy.
- We have yet to put together the travel system or the pack and play or the jogging stroller and we don't even own the bassinet or swing yet. Minor details.
- I've been motivated enough to organize all of Baby Boy's clothes by size, but can't seem to find the motivation to actually venture out in the 103* heat index to buy the proper detergent to start washing his clothes. Oh and did I mention we have 57 receiving blankets, 36 pairs of socks, 45 bibs and approximately 357 0-3 month size onesies? For reals. Okay, maybe I was embellishing on the onesie count. But you catch my drift...

Regardless, here are a few pictures from my baby shower, hosted by my wonderful mother-in-law at which both Baby Boy and I were showered with endless amounts of love and some pretty sweet swag. Please note, Baby Boy's name was scattered throughout the ENTIRE shower, therefore, many pictures have been withheld from the blogosphere! These pictures include the favors, the banner, one of his THREE awesome diaper cakes, the most delicious cake I've ever eaten as well as a few of his monogrammed baby gifts.

in lieu of a card, each guest was asked to bring their favorite childhood book for Baby Boy

and include a special message to him on a handmade bookmark

that was sent to each of the invitees.

just a small snapshot of an incredible clothesline full of onesies, sleep sacks, booties, bibs and more!

you can also catch a glimpse of a killer diaper wreath made by one of my dear friends

(who also made the three diaper cakes scattered throughout the shower!)

Recognize her? It's Aliya, my real life friend and superb blogger gal from The View From My Shoes!

Baby Boy is so lucky to have some incredible "aunties" in his life!

Needless to say, it was a fabulous little party filled with great friends and family, delicious food and lot's of love and laughter. I know I speak for Baby Boy when I say how incredibly blessed we are to be surrounded by such supportive, generous and loving friends and family.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You look absolutely mah-velous! What a beautiful shower.

    Aint that the truth about 3,674 0-3 month onesies? I'm already considering a donation post to send along the love to the next expecting mama.

    Love you girl! Hope you are doing okay. Not too much longer. we can do this!

  2. How fun! The diaper cake is adorable!!

  3. Yay!!!
    You're gorgeous, Mama!
    I hear ya on the washing of the clothes, etc.

    Love the "Book" idea in lieu of cards... may just steal that idea! :)

    hope you are able to stay cool and comfortable over the next few weeks :)


  4. You look gorgeous and your shower came out beautiful! I'm glad you got so much stuff!

  5. Super cute, love that dress. You can send all those extras my way ;-)

  6. You really are so cute!!!! I LOVE the dress! It looked so pretty! The shower looks like it was a blast! :0)

  7. You look wonderful! Those diaper cakes are so cute and they will come in handy! Also, you will be happy to have lots of little booties and onesies when you're confronted with all of the laundry that comes with baby spit-up and the inevitable diaper leaks! (More clothes = not having to do laundry every single day!) And from one mom to another - OxyClean stain treater is your friend!

  8. I am going to say something cliche, but you truly are glowing in your pics!

    I had 2 showers this weekend and received a lot of clothes. We still need a few practical things but we put together the crib and stroller and it is becoming more real!

  9. Wow, looks like you had a great shower! And you look fabulous.

  10. You look AMAZING!!! I love the dress.

  11. You're too cute!

    I'm your newest follower and it looks like I'm just in time...I bet you will be having your little nuggest in no time at all!

  12. Every mama to be deserves to be spoiled! =)

  13. The shower looked fabulous! I love your dress, you look so great!

  14. You look great! And you'll be glad you have all those blankets, bibs, and onesies. He'll pretty much live in them at first!

    I'm absolutely dying to know his name. Like dying..

  15. Oh I love the bring a book idea instead of a card! Your dress is adorable (you look great!) and I didn't know you knew Aliya! Awesome!

  16. You are so adorable being preggers! lol I hope to look that cute when I'm pregnant! :)


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