Monday, June 21, 2010

Sheepie Loves Crabs, Too.

There are very few things worse in life than coming home from an extended weekend at the beach house. I'm not sure if this is equally upsetting or kind of a little exciting, but it also may have been the last weekend that Hubs and I spend at the beach house before Baby Boy arrives! Needless to say, we had an absolute blast. We laughed, we relaxed, we enjoyed countless hours just the three of us.. Hubs, myself and the Sheepdog. And what better way to spend one of our final evenings there than on the porch, indulging in some delish Maryland blue crab while watching the sun set over the bay?

the view..

waiting patiently for one of those tasty-smelling red things...


"um, Sheepie? we said SMELL not BITE the crabbies!"

Who knew our Arkansas-bred Sheepdog had a little Maryland crab lover in him?


  1. couldnt love him more or be more jealous of your trip! Any nursey pics to share with the nosey blogosphere?

  2. Sheepie is from Arkansas?! Whereabouts? I'm from arkansas and I've been wanting my own Sheepie!

  3. Oh how fun! The crab pictures have my stomach growling :)

  4. Sheepie's haircut is cute.
    My poodle was in need of a trim. She is much happier with shorter hair.

  5. My fav...MD blue crabs! Yummmmm
    couldnt get enough when I was prego too.... =)


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