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Sit N' Stand Ultra, A Baby Trend Stroller Review

I have a confession to make: even though I only have two kids I have more than five strollers and until a product company out there manufactures a stroller that Does It All, I will continue to amass strollers that fit the needs of our growing family. And by "Does It All" I mean change, feed and watch the baby, too. Is that too much to ask? After all, with some of the price tags out there, those strollers should be doing those things!

When we first found out we were expecting another baby, I knew we would need a double stroller. As a fairly active family who was very happy with her single BOB jogging stroller, a double BOB jogging stroller seemed only the natural route to go. After speaking with a few fellow moms and even turning to social media a time or two, my suspicions were confirmed and we went with the double BOB. 

As a side-by-side stroller, that sucker is a beast. It has served me and the boys very well on more than one occasion especially when out walking the neighborhood and local walking trails. Lugging that sucker on errands to and from the mall, however, proved to be a different story. 

I never had any problems fitting through doorways which most assume would be the issue but rather maneuvering between racks of clothing and down tight aisles always proved to be much more trouble than it was worth. 

I needed a stroller that would allow me to quickly move in and out of department stores, the mall and our local farmer's market with my two boys safely in tow and unbeknownst to me at the time, I would need the same stroller to help maneuver our family throughout the airport and furthermore on our family vacation to New Orleans. 

I received the BabyTrend Sit N' Stand Ultra double stroller to review back in early April. For those of you counting on your fingers, that's a little more than two months ago. I wanted to make sure that not only did I learn the in's and out's of this stroller but also that it got a real good workout with our family before I gave it my honest review. 

After multiple errands through department stores, trips through two large airports, plenty of zoo excursions and wine festivals trips not to mention a family vacation in New Orleans (think: The French Quarter), I can honestly say without a single doubt that I absolutely love the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Ultra stroller

As a mom, I love the safety features of the 5-point harness and foot-activated safety brake, as well as the convenience of the large sun shade, one-handed fold and five (FIVE!) cup holders! This last feature comes in handy especially during long trips with the whole family. Not only are there two parent-height cup holders for my husband and myself but three additional cup holders (one removable set for the older passenger and one in the tray on the front seat) that the boys can fill with drinks, snacks and even a toy or two. 

I truly believe that this is an ideal stroller for moms with an older infant and toddler and/or even a pre-schooler and toddler.   

My boys are currently 3 and 1 years old and this stroller meets their unique needs perfectly. As a 3 year old who doesn't so much love riding in strollers any more but isn't quite mature enough to walk alongside for entire trips throughout malls, the zoo, museums, etc., the Sit N' Stand Ultra gives him the option of sitting when he wants, walking alongside when he wants and even stand-riding like the big boy he wants to be. All while doing so safely and comfortably. 

He hasn't quite gotten comfortable with the idea of standing while riding but I have a feeling he'll get the hang of it within the next several months. I love that this stroller will continue to grow with our family.

My 1 year old rides comfortably and safely in the front seat and he loves the view! With the 5-point harness and reclining seat, he's even taken many a nap in there while we're out and about. 

One of the most important attributes (for me) when shopping for strollers is storage. Now although this stroller does have a large storage basket beneath the seats, it is a bit difficult to reach when both children are seated in the stroller. In order to access the storage basket, I typically have to do so when my older son is not seated on the rear bench. That said, it does hold quite a bit and while we were traveling on vacation it was often stuffed to the gills with an Ergo carrier, lunch bag full of snacks, a beach towel as well as an extra set of clothes for each of the boys. Not too shabby!

Another important attribute, as I mentioned earlier, is maneuverability. Can I easily move between aisles and racks of clothes and other products while out and about with the boys? Can I move easily among large crowds of people while at the zoo and other large public events? The answer is yes. 

While I don't recommend using this stroller on uneven pavement or off-road while jogging or running, the Sit N' Stand Ultra rode very well in the mall, on the streets, sidewalks and walking paths of our neighborhood and local zoo as well as the streets and sidewalks of the French Quarter in New Orleans. 

My husband and I were quite shocked at how well the stroller carried itself while we were on vacation. We admitted that there would have been no way we could have traveled nearly as easily had we brought with us our bulkier double stroller. 

Not once on any of our outings over the last two and a half months did we have any issues with the stroller that compromised the safety of either of our boys. 

What's more is that if we ever decide to expand our family, the front seat accepts all Baby Trend and most brands of popular infant car seats (Graco Snugride and Snugride 32, Britax Chaperone and Evenflo Discovery, just to name a few). 

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The recommended use of the front/back seat: Sit upright or unassisted up to ~50lbs or 40". The recommended use of the jump seat: 2 1/2 years ~50lbs. 
The dimensions of this stroller are: 21.5"W x 49"L x 43"H

If you're looking for an every day stroller that handles well and accommodates the unique needs of both a newborn and toddler, older infant and toddler or even a toddler and a pre-schooler, I would absolutely recommend you look at the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Ultra. I am very impressed with the quality as well as the features and convenience of this stroller! 

Brand Disclaimer: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. I did, however, receive one Sit N' Stand stroller for review in exchange for my honest opinions which I have expressed above. 
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  1. Thanks for this review! I'm usually kind of "meh"when I see reviews pop up on my blog list, but we're currently in a "what double stroller do we need/want" debate, with baby #2's impending arrival this winter. The toddler will be 2.5 when #2 comes along, and so I've been debating whether we actually need something like the double Bob (how does it work for tall kids?)/city mini double, or to just do a sit and stand. This has definitely given me food for thought!

    Longest comment ever,sorry!

  2. I posted about our experience just TRYING this stroller in the store and it was HORRIBLE.

    M fell through, got hurt, the company's response was awful, etc. I'm glad you had a better experience than we did because we would never ever recommend this stroller to anyone.

    How a kid can just fall through the back seat blows my mind. :(

  3. I also have a slight stroller obsession. We use a snap n go, a phil n teds double and a city mini single and I've been debating a sit n stand. To complicate matters, you can also add the little wheeled board to the back for toddlers to ride on. Another perk of your bob, if you add baby #3, I see lots of families use it as a triple by having the oldest perch on the footrest.

  4. It sounds like I need one of these! We went with the Baby Jogger City Mini Double which works and is one of the lighter ones out there, making it easy to take to the mall and stuff. But, the storage sucks. And that's a major problem for me. Even though my boys are both the same age, one doesn't like to sit in it much so maybe putting him on the back would be better.

  5. We have a similar baby trend sit & stand and we love it! I was so glad we decided to get it for errands and quick trips. While I love our double BOB, that sucker is a beast!

  6. I am loving the tips that you have mentioned about BabyTrend Sit N' Stand Ultra double stroller. With our little angel who is 7 months old and our son who is 2 years old, this seems to be a very attractive proposition. We have been in quite a fix with both the children when it comes to the strollers and usually my wife and me both are just maneuvering two strollers around malls, stores etc. However I came across your blog post and am very tempted to buy this one. In fact it might prove to be an interesting tip to be added on as well.

  7. No doubt about it, Baby Trend has manufactured some impressive models, I like Expedition LX Travel System as it provides great comfort to the baby.

  8. Great review, it sounds fab for wheeling our little babes around in. We're considering a new one, that fits neatly into our boot just like this one! baby stroller

  9. Thanks for the great review! Like you, I mainly use my stroller to bring the 2 year old along on our drop the big kid off at the bus routine. The crummy umbrella stroller I have doesn't really cut it in the snow. This looks perfect! Jogging Stroller

  10. How did it hold up after the airport? We are traveling soon and wondered if it took a beating from being checked?


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