Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breakfast Rut? Try Grilled Banana and Nutella Paninis!

Most mornings I find myself in a rut when it comes to whipping up quick and easy breakfast ideas. Every now and then I reach for the Nutella and decide to make myself and the boys a little breakfast treat. 

For this recipe, a little Nutella and a couple of  bananas go a long way. Want the recipe? Click here!
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  1. You make the panini's I'll bring the mimosa's :)

  2. Nooooo, don't tell me about this-- it sounds too amazing! Suddenly my oatmeal doesn't sound so great....

    Also, it is not fair that you post something like this for breakfast when you look so darn skinny, lady! I want to know what you're really eating for breakfast!

  3. Can you come to my house and make my meals....I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at this!

  4. Oh yummmmmm! I must go check this out!


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