Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PVC's or Post-Vacay Confessions.

- Even though we arrived home from New Orleans on Sunday, allowing me ample time to unpack, wash, dry and fold all of our laundry, we're leaving town again for the beach this weekend and part of me (most of me) wants to just leave the laundry and suitcases packed and bring them with us to our beach house and do the laundry there. I mean, all I really would have to do is pack some extra swim suits and that seems like the brighter albeit easier idea. 

- I showered, fixed my hair and put on make up every single day that we were on vacation. What's more, I didn't even pack a single pair of black yoga pants for the trip. My husband was so happy. That said, we've been home three days now and although I've showered every day by the skin of my teeth, I haven't even blow dried my hair let alone put any make up on. Not to mention that my standard uniform of exercise shorts and tank tops is back with a vengeance. Sorry husband, it was nice while it lasted

- The food was ah-mazing in New Orleans but just about every third thing we put into our mouths was fried. Fried shrimp, fried oysters, you name it, it was fried. I will now be eating salads all day, every day or at least until I can no longer stomach a leafy green. Which, if we're being honest, is probably tomorrow.

- For what it's worth, the boys did fantastic on each flight of our trip. There were a couple of unforeseen hiccups that we had to deal with on the fly and I was pleasantly shocked and so proud of how well they handled themselves. That said, the next vacation my husband and I take will not be in the company of our children. We may have even booked our next set of child-less flights the minute our plane touched back down in Maryland. 

- Those frozen slushie Hurricanes that you can find on almost every corner of Bourbon Street are delicious. Coupled with the fact that you can buy one and proceed to walk around outside with it? Life-changing. Other states should take heed and start allowing this type of activity. It made vacationing with our kids that much more enjoyable. 

- However, I could not and will never get used to seeing adults walking around drinking Bud Lights at 7:45 in the morning. Vomit. 

- Shortly before we left on vacation, Carter had been waking up in tears around 3am in the morning. This would happen 1-2 times per week and for a while, my husband was going into the toddler's bedroom to lay with him until he fell back to sleep. This typically resulted in both my husband and the toddler spooning in the toddler's twin bed. To break this uncomfortable habit, I constructed a small pallet bed on the floor next to my side of the bed. It's so comfortable, in fact, that Sheepie actually thinks it's his bed and will often lay there until that fateful hour of the morning when Carter awakens and now silently makes his way into our bedroom, clutching his blanket, pillow and lovie with him. My husband is worried we've started a habit and I find myself constantly reassuring him that if Carter is still sleeping on our bedroom floor when hes five, then we should start worrying. I'm all about survival. My husband is all about not raising weird kids. 

- I've started editing some of the pictures I took while on vacation. As much fun as I had taking the pictures, I am not looking forward to culling them. In fact, part of me just wants to keep putting it off. I'm weird like that. 

- We left for vacation two days after we hosted Maclane's first birthday party at our house. I would be lying if I said that there weren't 95% of the decorations still hanging in our house. Let's not mention that our family room off of the kitchen looks like a cross between a pre-school and Toys R Us what with all of the primary colored toys that have taken up residence. 

- I have zero motivation to clean up anything mentioned in the previous confession and will likely let it slide until after we return from the beach this coming weekend. 

Whew. I can't tell if that made me feel better about myself or made me feel like the laziest person south of the Mason Dixon line. Make me feel better about myself and tell me something you need to get off your chest! 

Well? Tell me!

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  1. Oh girl I hear you on the yoga pants, although I don't have any excuse other than being lazy. I ruined one of my favorite sundresses putting chemicals in the pool, so I changed into ratty clothes last night to do it. After, I figured why get dressed again at 7:00 PM and put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt. My husband came home and said "Oh, did you get on the treadmill today?" I contemplated lying for a minute, but I confessed that I was just lazy. Sorry husband, you come home too late for me to be in regular people clothes...

    Unless he wants to take me out to dinner, then I will dress like a person. Haha.

  2. I just wanted to comment on C sleeping in your room. We had Sawyer in our room for about a year. We first co-slept, and then he was in his crib, and then when hi climbed out, he would not sleep well in his toddler bed. So we let him sleep with us. Well that was a disaster because I got no sleep, so we moved him to the floor. He slept so well. He always went to bed on time and he slept through the night with no interruptions. We've since moved him to his new big boy room since my #2 is due any day now, and he is doing great.

    People thought I was crazy to let him sleep in the master bedroom, but it worked for us! We all got good sleep and I loved peering over the side of my bed and seeing his sweet sleeping face!

  3. My daughter is almost the exact age as C. We leave her little princess couch that folds out in our bedroom floor. The rule is she has to go to sleep in her room (most nights) but if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can come sleep on her little couch in the floor. Its easy to fold up and get out of the way during the day and its comfortable to her. When she was smaller we would move her to our bed in the middle of the night, but we didn't get any sleep because she is hot and moves all over the place. So this works better! I'm with you though, if they sleep in your floor later, deal with it then. Mama has to get some sleep!!

  4. the 745am drinkers make me want to vomit too. You see that in Vegas as well. It's actually people that have been up all night gambling that have no idea what time it is. Just makes me feel like a loser being in the same room.

  5. would it make you feel better if I told you the banner from my sons 3rd birthday is still hanging up on my kitchen wall?!?! Oh and his birthday is in FEBRUARY!! Yes you heard me right :-) LOL!

  6. I TOTALLY agreed about everything being fried there! I also can't understand people drinking so early!

    Laundry is my worst nightmare...all the time...leave it in the suitcase! and take pack me in there, too, because I want to go to the beach! jealous!!!

    i keep telling myself as long as I don't have on the same thing I had one when brent gets home from work, as I did when he left, that's a big step. ha!

  7. I'm with you on not unpacking and just throwing a few bathing suits in your bags!

    I haven't ever been to NOLA, but it sounds fabulous!

  8. You are priceless. Love your stories!

  9. yep, I don't like the 7:45 am drinking time either- but they do it a lot here. Especially during football season (tailgating) and obviously, during Mardi Gras. LOL

    But I'm sure Jessica and Melissa shared my story of why I no longer drink with you! (if they didn't, I'll have to share with you someday)

    anyway- yeah, that's one of those louisiana things.

    oh, and you can get lots of Louisiana food that isn't fried. But it takes a while to get used to eating that way and planning accordingly. I spent a large part of my life overweight because of eating that way and I'm so proud that I've lost weight and maintained it despite all of the yumminess we have here! :)

    and can I just say that I ADMIRE the fact that you threw a bday party and then 2 days later hopped on a plane for a vacation with littles and then a few days later are going to the beach? You deserve a mom medal my friend. A giant, heavy, 24K gold one encrusted with lots of diamonds. because I couldn't have done it.


  10. oh, and this is a random question- re: getting ready every day. on your regular days, is your husband around to help you with breakfast, etc. with the boys when they get up, etc. or is he already gone? Just curious, because clearly he was available to watch them on vacation, so I was just wondering.

    Oh, and you looked fab, by the way. AND just so you know, you left just in time for it to get ULTRA hot and humid. It's 94 right now. at 10:30 in the morning. haha.

  11. Packing after coming back from vacay ALMOST makes me not want to go. I hate it. The suitcase just so conveniently props up in the corner of our master bedroom, zipped shut. FOR DAYS. Did I also mention I loathe unloading the clean dishwasher? They're all clean and tucked in there snug as a bug, why bother putting them all away just to use again? I like your idea of taking it with you and washing it there! Everything is better on vacay - even laundry! :) Have a great time!!

  12. I remember going to Savannah a couple of years ago & was dumbfounded when they asked me if I wanted a "to-go cup" for my beer! It was heaven drinking walking down the street with a drink.

  13. i want a beach home SO bad!!!
    and im with ya, other states need to start selling hurricane drinks for street walking!! i would LOVE that!
    where is your next vacation?! so exciting!

  14. The drinking all hours of the day here cracks me up! I'm from North Louisiana where actual liquor laws apparently exist, this Sunday morning drinking blows my mind.

  15. So much fun!! I loved following you on Instagram. It really did look like a wonderful trip. You should totally be a travel blogger. You're great at it!


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