Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pearl Pretties By Way Of Grace Adele

Meet Laura. 
She's the official Grace Adele Consultant here at ILYMTC. 

She's also a mom to a beautiful little blondie 
and expecting another baby in January 2013!

Haven't heard of Grace Adele? Let me fill you in. 
It's the newest line launched by the brilliant minds 
that brought you Scentsy and Velata. 

It's beautiful purses, clutches, wallets, 
rings, necklaces, bracelets, makeup bags, 
scarves and earrings... this gorgeous pearl pair
that Laura graciously sent me.

I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to these earrings. 
Would they feel "cheap?" Could they withstand tiny grabby hands?
Or would they feel too heavy and be pulling at my earlobe?

Most importantly, would they stand up to my specific taste 
in simple yet sophisticated jewelry?

The answer is absolutely yes, yes and yes! 
I just LOVE this pair of pearl earrings 
and have already received so many compliments on them! 

And what's even better?
THEY ARE ONLY $15.00. 
Outstanding quality for a fantastic price.

I would much rather invest my extra "blow" money
each month in Grace Adele jewelry than say another
cheapie mall accessory store where the jewelry falls
apart and tarnishes just weeks after wearing. 
Ahem, I'm looking at you Aldo Accessories, Forever21 and H&M.

Want to know more about this fantastic new company?
Want to join Laura's incredible team of consultants?
Want to host your own Grace Adele party and 
earn rewards, perks and some pretty new accessories of your own?

Check out Laura's website
Follow Laura on Twitter
Be sure to check out her blog!

Thanks so much, Laura, for helping me choose a beautiful pair of earrings and sending then my way!

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  1. Thanks, lady. :) I'm so happy you love them. My pair is coming tomorrow. ;)


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