Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did You Say, "No-Spill Flip-It?"

Here's Carter sipping on his brand new Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It toddler cup. Although we've only had this cup in our hands for a little over one week, it's quickly become a favorite for a myriad of reasons. 

Most importantly, this cup is durable and no-spill. As a mom to a Crazy Toddler Wildebeest, these are two attributes that I look for when I buy just about anything related to feeding my toddler. As many of you know, at two years old, Carter is your typical rough and tumble, always on the go, high energy sort of kid. This means he needs products that will keep up with him. Products that have a high thresh hold for toddler wear and tear. 

The Insulated No-Spill Flip-It cup from Nuby has withstood errand running, trips to the park and many Family Room Acrobatics with hardly a mark to show for it. Not only is this product spill-proof, but because it is insulated, it not only keeps whatever is inside nice and cold but it also won't "sweat" all over tabletops and couch cushions in my house. 

With it's "flip-it" constructed lid, it's easy to flip open and closed by the littlest of toddler hands, unlike some other similarly constructed cups made by other brands. 

It also disassembles into very few parts. The straw breaks down into three parts, the sipping piece, a plastic valve mechanism and the straw. It is easy to clean (we run ours through the dishwasher and then through a microwave steam bag) and easy to re-assemble. Right up this busy Mom's alley, if I do say so myself!

This cup is available in a variety of bright, fun colors and features a soft sipper straw that is gentle on little teeth and gums. It disassembles into easy to clean pieces and is dishwasher safe. 

This cup is perfect for travel and I would recommend it to toddler moms everywhere! 

This product is available at Buy Baby Direct and Walmart.  


  1. ok so we actually own a couple of these and I find washing the pieces and putting them back together to be a wicked pain - what'd you think? I love that it is spill proof, but I wouldn't recommend putting milk or smoothies in it. My kid likes to fill up the top part and then flick it and watch the content land on my walls/furniture/face and laugh.

  2. We may need to try these. Mackenzie isn't allowed drinks unless she's in our lap because she finds a way to spill her drinks. No matter what cup I give her.


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