Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nuby Microwave Steam Sterilizer and Bottle Review

Non-Drip™ Bottle

Although I am exclusively breastfeeding three month old Maclane, it's nice every now and then to be able to get out of the house without having to worry about the next nursing session and better yet, it's nice every now and then to get out of the house sans baby. Not to mention that much of the errands that I do run on a daily basis, with toddler in tow, aren't necessarily conducive to nursing in public. 

For a couple of weeks, Maclane did great when it came to taking a bottle. He would take one from me, my husband, our neighbor- if you had the milk, he would drink it. It was during this time that we tested the standard Nuby Non-Drip bottle. 

With a nipple that features anti-colic valves, it greatly reduced the risk of Maclane swallowing too much air- resulting in both an unhappy mama and baby later that night. 

Although the bottle came with a medium flow nipple, Maclane immediately took to it and happily consumed his 3.5oz of milk before bedtime. These bottles are also a great shape, one that I foresee little hands being able to hold without an issue further down the road.

What else do I love about these bottles? Not only are they BPA-free but they also don't come with a gazillion parts which makes them incredibly easy to clean. 

Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Shortly after testing our Non-Drip bottles, we washed them in the sink and took our Nuby Microwave Steam Sterilizer for a spin before putting them away in the cabinet. 

There are so many things that I love about this steam sterilizer. First and foremost, it is quick! In just 4 minutes, your bottles, nipples, pacifiers, sippy cups, straws and lids are sanitized and sterile. Second, it is both easy and efficient!

It breaks down into three pieces making it incredibly easy to clean when necessary. The bottom tray holds up to seven ounces of water and the product tray is large enough to fit a variety of items of all different shapes and sizes. 

Rather than have to fumble with loading bottles, sippies, nipples, o-rings and lids into our dishwasher, I simply fill the steam sterilizer and pop it into the microwave. Once done, I don't have to fish around for scattered pieces like I would if I were to use the dishwasher or worse leave them to sit in the sink!

You can find the Nuby Microwave Steam Sterilizer at BuyBabyDirect.com. The bottles can be found here and here.

Also, be sure to check out Nuby's latest happenings on the web! They're currently running some great giveaways including a Scavenger Hunt and Twitter party!

*I received no monetary compensation for this post, however, as an official Nuby Mommy Blogger, I did receive the product free of charge in return for the honest reviews which I have provided.   

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  1. Have you every had any problems with either of your boys taking the bottle? I am strictly breastfeeding and my three month old refuses to take a bottle...actually she's never even shown interest in a pacifier either. Are the Nuby nipples any better? I've already spent a tonne of money on different bottles/ nipples. Any suggestions?


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