Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maclane Allen :: Month Two

Weight: 8lbs 1oz at birth, 7lbs. 5oz at discharge and 10lbs. 11oz at his one month appointment! The "milk bar" is working! As soon as we take Mac for his 2 month appointment, I will go ahead and update this. 
Hair: I would be lying if I said I wasn't so excited that Maclane continues to have dark brown hair! It looks like it's beginning to thin a little (not that he had much to start with) which means there's a good chance he'll suffer the same bald fate as his older brother and not grow too much hair until his first birthday. The "peach fuzz" that he was born with on his back, shoulders and upper arms is starting to fade; this hurts my Mama-heart! 

Eyes: It looks like Maclane's eyes are changing but to what I'm not sure! They started out as a dark navy and if I had to guess they're either quickly becoming brown or hazel! Some days they even have a grey cast to them.  
Diapers: Size two's. This chunky monkey has quickly outgrown his size one diapers. 
Clothes: I cannot believe Mac has already outgrown his 0-3 month sleepers. I feel like I was just writing his one month update and telling you all how he "swims" in his 0-3 month clothes! I cannot believe how quickly this boy is growing. He's currently wearing all 3-6 month clothes and even then, some of them are a bit.. snug. 
Eating: I continue to exclusively breastfeed and am growing ballsier as to our nursing locations by the day! So far Maclane has chowed down in a few local parks and the Panera at the mall! He's becoming a bit wishy-washy when it comes to taking a bottle in the evening. I notice my supply takes a major dip in the evenings around 8pm and previously this had provided The Husband the perfect time for him to give Mac a nightly bottle of 4 ounces, however over the course of the last few weeks, he's developed quite the distaste for anything with a rubber nipple. 

Sleeping: We continue to co-sleep, much to my husband's dismay. He's ready to have "our bed" back but I can't quite give up the ease of pulling Mac over to me at 3:30am for his nightly nursing session. Mac typically goes down to sleep between 10 and 10:30pm. He wakes to eat around 3/3:30am like clockwork and goes right back to sleep after a quick session and diaper change. He's up again around 7am and after another quick nursing session and diaper change, he's back to sleep until 9 or 10am. 
Nicknames: Mac, Squeaks, MacAttack, MacNugget, Mac-A-Doodle, Mac-A-Rooney

Oh my sweet smiley boy! Over the last couple of weeks, Maclane has started to really show his playful personality. He loves to sit back and stare up at our faces, coo-ing and gah-ing away. It's absolutely the sweetest sound and he surprises himself each time he makes a noise. 

Let's talk about expressions. Maclane is, hands down, one of the most expressive babies I've ever seen. He has a face for everything and spends much of his days with a stern, furrowed brow. It's as if he's always examining things, always judging. 

Outside of coo'ing, he's a rather quiet baby, only fussing if he's wet or famished. He continues to live up to his nickname, "Squeaks," as when he does cry out, it sounds more like a series of little squeaks. 

He continues to love any type of interactive time whether he's in his swing gabbing away at the fishy mobile or on his tummy or back enjoying some play gym time. He started reaching for and grabbing the dangling animals on his play gym last week and with a natural kung-fu grip, he often refuses to let go.

Much like his brother, Maclane already has such incredible head control for his age which reassures me as I'm putting him down to sleep on his belly. Also, much like his brother, Maclane is a belly sleeper. No comments from the peanut gallery. 

He still refuses to take a pacifier and despite this, I am not ready to give up yet. I think we've tried six or seven brands and although we may be down to slim pickings, I plan to forge ahead! I just might lose my mind if this baby doesn't take a pacifier!

Mac loves to travel, whether by car or by double stroller. We went for our first "off-road" walk through the neighborhood trails and Mac slept through it all- even my complaining. He truly is a mellow, go-with-the-flow kind of baby and we couldn't be more thankful. 

I cannot believe Maclane is already two months old. The days are passing so much quicker now than they ever did when Carter was a baby and I find myself feverishly trying to make them slow a bit. 

Every day brings with it newness- new expressions, a new "routine," a new day in which I get to watch Carter interact with his new built-in best friend, whom by the way, is absolutely enamored by him. 

I absolutely love watching these two boys grow together every day. 

And to think.. I only wanted two kids. I have a feeling that may change. 

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  1. Happy 2 months Maclane. he is adorable and I love all his facial expressions!

  2. LOVE his expressions. He is such a little nugget.
    ps- why do you want him to take a paci if he doesn't want one? We're thinking about taking P's away soon and it's giving me a stress-induced stomachache.

  3. How is he TWO months old already?????????
    I cannot take his furrowed brow. Be still my heart. I want to snuggle him right up! I need one of him. now.

  4. He's such a cutie. Love all the faces :)

  5. OH my gosh! He's so cute!

    And so serious, he's a little GQ baby :)

  6. Wow, these two months have flown by! His expressions are just too precious - I love them all!
    If I didn't have silly things to worry about like a job, money, and my own little family, I'd hop on the first flight over to MD and love all over that cute chunker!

  7. He has the absolute BEST expressions!!! You must just stare at him all day long. Seeing pictures of him always perk me up :)

  8. I just love his pouty face.
    All 3 of my babies were belly sleepers. I understand why some people are worried, but that is the only way mine stayed asleep. A little advice from a mom who is still co-sleeping with their 2.5 year old child, get him out of your bed now. The older they get, the harder it is. Colton has slept in his bed about 10 times. Seriously. It is ridiculous.

    Also, may I ask why you are wanting him to take a pacifier so bad? My middle child, Zack, NEVER wanted to take one. I tried for about a week and then just gave up. It was great not having to break that habit. My oldest and my youngest both took their binky until they were 18 months.

    He is so cute and you are doing such a great job with both of your boys!

  9. Big sad face that he is already two months which means my little peanut is almost THREE or rather is THREE Months ... You are an amazing mom and these boys are oh so lucky. I hope when or if I ever get another bundle - I can raise them as lovingly as you do your boys :)

  10. I freakin' love all those little faces he makes...too cute!

  11. I just love your blog! You are too funny, I love all of your stories! I am a first time momma of a 10 month old boy, so your boys definitely pull at my heart strings! I am a long time friend of Sunshine Meg-Megan McNamara so I found your blog through her. I have been wondering since day one, what I love you more than carrots means-I have looked through your archive & cannot find the post for the life of me haha, so thought I would just ask you if you had posted about what that means! Thanks for the lovely stories! Your family is precious!

  12. I love his furrowed brow. So so adorable. Also love how he is giving the stink eye to the massive dog! Too funny!

  13. I love each of those expressions- adorable!!

  14. His facial expressions are to dye for!

    My son won't take a paci either but I keep trying.

  15. He's so chubby wubby. I love him!

  16. Seriously. His expressions are the cutest!

  17. LOVE him! how adorable. But I have to ask... why are you so determined to get him to like a pacifier? Id think that would be ideal as no having to wean him later!

  18. Ugh I can't believe how your 2 month old sleeps better than my 15.5 month old! Damn you molars!

  19. It"s so great to watch him and Joshua grow together - they're very similar! The near-contant nursing, the 'weight of the world of their shoulders' expression! J's hair is getting lighter too, which I'm distraught about! Except their size, my tiny baby's 10lb 2oz but still in newborn clothes! Xxx

  20. I can't believe he's already 2 MONTHS! Holy Moses, where has time gone?

    Mac is, without a doubt, the most hysterical baby on the planet. His facial expressions crack me up and continue to remind me of Sean Connery saying something suave along the lines of: 'Bond, James Bond'

    What a little legend!
    Happy 2 months, baby Mac!

  21. Good Lord that baby boy is so cute! I just want to eat him up!!!!! And I CANNOT believe he is already 2 months old. Eeek!!!!

  22. His expressions are making me giggle over here! He is too freakin' cute! You have some great captures here and he seems to be doing very well!

  23. I just can't believe he's 2 months already! He looks like such a SERIOUS baby! Can't wait to see some smiles!

  24. Holy moly, I am loving those expressions! I almost peed my pants. (Sorry co-workers)

  25. No judgies here on the tummy sleeper. Mine was from three weeks old and I swear, he slept 50x better on his belly than his back. Plus he could turn his head which leads me to think he could breath JUST fine. Also? He has a nicely shaped head now.

    Another thing, don't give up on the paci's. I tried probably 6 or so myself, but it also took my little C a good 3-4 months to decide he was agreeable. And when he finally took one? It was the ugliest one ever invented. But...SOOOO Worth it!

    And Maclane's facial expressions? OH. MY. WORD. Stop it. My ovaries are aching for my own number two!!!

  26. Precious!! LOVE that he sleeps on his belly ;). No judgies from this momma! Our daughter slept on her belly from very early on. She was early and spent three weeks in te NICU. I walked in one afternoon to the nICU and she was on her belly! I looked at our nurse and she said what she was fussy and calmed right down! I figured of they allowed it that we could allow it at home too!!

  27. He is a cutie AP!!! Nicholas will be 5 months tomorrow and around 3.5 months he dropped that 3:30 feeding. Not every night but most nights now. Our sons sound so similar!

  28. I feel like it's impossible that he is already 2 months! Love seeing all the updates and how much he is growing in such a short time! His facial expressions CRACK me up! He's like an old man when he stares like that. Hehe!


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