Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation Big Boy Bed

If you were a fly on the wall in our home the last few weeks, you would have been keen to a resounding chorus of, "Honey, Carter needs his Big Boy Bed set up!" "We only have two months to go before M2 arrives and Carter needs to begin the transition from crib to bed." "M, seriously. SET UP THE BED."

I know what you're thinking. Poor Impatient AP. Poor Husband.

Sunday was The Day. As The Husband casually walked into Carter's room that morning to scoop him from his crib, over the monitor I heard him say, "Guess what, big man? That was your last sleep in the crib! You're getting a big boy bed today!" 

And I would be lying if I said my heart didn't catch a little in my throat. It was really going to happen. What I pushed for all along for so many weeks leading up to this ordinary Sunday. Our baby would be transition from his crib to his brand new Big Boy Bed. 

To think I was so concerned about how C would tolerate The Transition, I hardly gave thought to how I would do! 

The Husband worked all morning, finishing the chair rail in the nursery, disassembling the crib in Carter's room and reassembling it in the New Nursery. As Carter and I played in the playroom and lounged on the couch eating Cheddar Bunnies and watching Puss in Boots, the Big Boy Bed made it's way up to Carter's room. 

Shortly before nap time was due to commence, the bed was finished and I didn't waste a minute dressing it with brand new Jersey sheets purchased just for the inaugural occasion. I fluffed Carter's brand new pillows and even went as far as stuffing his brand new duvet into his Curious George duvet cover. 

Of course he wouldn't be sleeping with the giant duvet but I needed for it to be perfect. The unveiling of The Big Boy Bed. 

The final touches included an extra pillow and guardrail and as I placed C's Curious George stuffie a top his freshly made bed, I could barely hop off before Carter came tearing into his room, immediately clamoring up onto his new bed. 

I prepared myself for bumps in the road. I prepared myself for More Playing and Less Sleeping. Although I had envisioned a seamless transition, I anticipated something much less... seamless. 

I laid down next to Carter as we readied ourselves for nap time. I tucked him in with his favorite lovie, two nunnies and began running my fingers through his curls. Within minutes he was out. 

Of course I couldn't leave his room without snapping a few commemorative pictures and as I did, my heart leapt, once again, into my throat, tears springing out of nowhere into my eyes as I dwelled upon how small he suddenly looked in that bed. 

My little boy who looked so big in his crib. So ready for The Next Step. Now appeared to be so tiny, so little in this brand new twin bed of his. 

Carter napped for two full hours. The longest nap he's taken in months. I couldn't help but think it was just a coincidence and choked on my hubris and the thought that This Might Not Be So Difficult after all. 

He awoke well rested and couldn't stop chattering on and on about his new bed. Pointing to his bed, to George and to his new pillows. 

We continued to play and lunch that afternoon and well into the evening and after having friends and family over for fun and good food, I knew it was time for our ritual bath and bed. I whispered a silent prayer as M carried Carter upstairs for his bath, that bedtime would go as smoothly has nap time had but it wasn't without anticipation of a long night and lot's of "get back to bed's." 

At 9:15pm, a bedtime much later than usual thanks to our dinner guests and evening full of fun, Carter and I settled in together. It has to be said that this beat rocking him in the rocking chair any day. 

As Baby Brother continues to grow more quickly now, the real estate of my lap was shrinking exponentially as each night wore on and it was becoming near impossible to rock the thirty-five pound toddler. 

There is something to be said for Big Boy Bed Snuggles. 

Tucked in tight with his lovies, I once again began to run my fingers through his blonde curls. Tracing imaginary lines down his cheeks, over his forehead and down along his perfect little nose, I silently prayed words full of thanks for such an incredible gift. As his eyes began to grow heavy, I was reminded how lucky I am. 

Carter slept peacefully for 10 hours that first night. I awoke to his ritual "Ma? Dad? Sheesh?" catcalls and upon hoisting myself over the baby gate that safely blocked the entrance (or exit) to his room, was greeted with the happiest of toddlers sitting up excitedly in the middle of his bed. 

It's true. I anticipated finding him asleep on the floor or worse, sitting atop one of the shelves in his closet. 

But there he was. Successfully having survived Night One in The Big Boy Bed. I knew he would be OK and furthermore? I would be too. 

You may be wondering, "How did you know C was ready for a bed?" And well, the answer is, I just knew. It's my Mom-Gut, if you will and it's pretty much what has led me from the moment they placed that 9lb. 10oz. squishy baby in my arms nearly 21 months ago. It's how I knew Carter was ready for solid food. It's how I knew Carter was ready to turn forward-facing in the car. It's how I knew he wanted to start sleeping with a pillow. 

It's how I know that he's not ready to give up his pacifier at nap and bedtime. Along the same lines it's also how I know that he's no where near ready to begin potty training, although some recent events have me second guessing that decision.

Truthfully though, I've always been one to just let him do his thing and watch for those subtle and other times not-so-subtle cues as to his needs. Thankfully, this Mom-Gut hasn't led me astray as of yet. 

Operation Big Boy Bed has been a raging success thus far. Now, don't even get me started on how the New Nursery looks with the crib set up in it.

There goes my heart leaping into my throat again... 

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  1. Awww, I'm so happy that the big boy bed was such a huge success with C. I remember when we changed Sydney's over from a crib. I teared up as i took that rail off and set it up for the big girl. But I can honestly say that we have never looked back and have loved having a big girl bed. The bedding you got was ADORABLE!

  2. love the big boy bed!!!

    this was one transition with both my boys that made me so sad!!!

    they seem so small when you first see them in their big boy bed!!!

  3. Awwww Love his new big boy bed...Curious George is a favorite in our house too!!

  4. Awesome post. What a good little boy you have! And like I said on twitter--big, huge tears are streaming down my face. It's all so bittersweet--right?!

  5. Those pictures are killing me. He is so adorable! I'm glad the transition went so well! I have always said that Cooper will be in a crib until he's 13, but lately I've been second guessing that and think he might be ready for a big boy bed...Yikes!

  6. Of course his big boy bed is absolutely perfect and adorable. I would expect nothing less from you. It's so wonderful he transitioned so easy.

  7. so happy his transition was easy on everyone!! love his room! the paint job is amazing. Mom-gut is the best!

  8. I have been putting off ordering the conversion rails for Connor's crib. poor kid woke himself up in the middle of the night because he was stuck in the corner of the crib and just wanted to stretch out! Once school is out we are going to need to take the plunge.

    Glad it went so well!

  9. that's awesome he transitioned so easily. Could he be any cuter in his big boy bed? I love it!!

  10. I loved reading this. Brought tears to my eyes as I reflect back on our transition with Mia and how to for us it was much more difficult for me to let go than it was for her.

    Your words were powerful in this one!

  11. I pray when we have to make the transition it will go as smoothly as yours! How many months apart are the boys going to be?

  12. WOW! What a great success story! I hope my intuition is as good as yours is!

  13. You do just know...Tommy did great as well with his transition a few months ago. I still look in on him every night in amazement that he is in a big boy bed!

  14. I pray our transition goes as smooth! So happy for you guys.

  15. We've decided to put off the transition until after we move ... I don't want to bother with changing the whole arrangement here and then just packing up to leave in a fewmonths. So when it's time? I just pray it goes as smoothly as this.

  16. I'm digging those Curious George sheets! Glad that things went smoothly for y'all.

  17. This was so well written. I felt every emotion. And. Every lump in my throat! I'm so proud of you and c. And love you both to pieces! Way to go c!!!!!!

  18. No lie, when I saw the pic of C in that bed on FB, I teared up a bit. How are they so grown?! He looks so tiny in there!!!

    So glad he's doing well though. I fully intend on keeping BG in her crib til college. I am not messing up this sleep thing!!

  19. He is so stinking cute!!!!!! Hope the transition is smooth! xo

  20. Youve got me a little choked up reading this post! C looks so handsome and his new bed is just adorable! This post is such a reflection as to the wonderful mother you are. Following C's cues for transitions along the way and allowing him to grow is preciciley how this transition to big boy bed was so seamless, I'm sure of it! As for the nursery? I cannot wait to see it!!! And now I've got to stop before my baby fever gets any worse!

  21. So happy that the transition went well for both of you :)

  22. Mama I am sooooo happy this transition went so well!! I am hoping when I make this transition for Kelsey that it goes as well as it went for C!! Xoxo

  23. So glad to hear things went well!

  24. I went searching for this post just to ask.... where did you get C's twin bed frame and headboard?! I'm in the market to get one for B and I'm coming up empty handed with ones that look high quality. haha


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