Thursday, November 3, 2011

Your {Four} Questions, Answered! Wow, How Lame Does That Make Me Sound?

So, back when I wrote this post, without coming out and saying, "for the love of all things holy, please leave me some questions to answer," I hinted at perhaps giving some of you Loyals the chance to ask some things of me that I don't (or haven't) necessarily divulged on the blog. 

Well, Loyals, way to make a girl feel like a loser

I kid, I kid. I'm quite thankful for those of you who asked some questions, albeit some really great ones. And hey, perhaps this little list is just the perfect manageable amount for me. I mean, after all, I am getting back to you in a timely manner, no?

Or maybe it's that my blog pretty much reads like an open book. In which case? I'm flattered

Cari asked, "Have you ever been to my neck of the woods (New England)? If so, where and if not, where would you like to go?"

I have been to a bit of New England- my first trip was back in high school when I was college hunting and spent a weekend touring both Boston College and Boston University. It's also where I got stuck in my very first elevator in a parking garage. Needless to say that's an experience I will never, ever forget! Since then, the Husband and I have more recently spent a few days away at a  charmingly sweet bed and breakfast in Martha's Vineyard and attended the amazing wedding of one of my dearest friends out on the Cape. I would absolutely love to return as Boston is one of my most favoritest cities- not to mention that I have been dying to spend a weekend away in Newport, Rhode Island! 

Jess, one of my favorite favorites, asked, "1. What's your favorite Chardonnay? 2. What was your favorite girl name when you were preggo with C? 3. What will you do differently with a newborn next time around? 4. Any good suggestions for finger foods? And how did you get C to use a spoon, eat well, etc?"

1. Hands down, my favorite Chardonnay is Cakebread followed very closely by Dry Creek Chardonnay from the Saralee Vineyard. Now, as always, I have to be honest with you. That first bottle of wine? Is a roughly $40 bottle of wine. We now solely drink it on special occasions. That second bottle of wine? Was sent to use by the case fulls when we once belonged to a wine club way back in a former life. It now retails for somewhere around the $35 range. They are both delicious and must-try for any Chard lover! 

2. My favorite girl name when I was pregnant with C was "Charlotte Allen." It was actually our front runner had C been a she. That has since changed and a new girl name is now a top our list. And no, we don't agree on it. But what else is new, right?

3. What will I do differently with a newborn the next time around? Have them stay in the nursery over night at the hospital. Rooming in is for the birds and I have a feeling I'm going to not only need that sleep but also cherish it. Hmm.. What else? Probably transition them to their crib much sooner than 5 months. And heck, I may even formula feed much earlier on. As for everything else? I think C turned out pretty good, don't you? We must've done something right! Ha!

4. Our favorite finger foods are sweet potato fries, halved cheese cubes, french toast sticks, spinach and cheese nuggets and whole peeled and cored apples!  

5. C has always been a good eater. I joke and say that it's mostly due in part to the fact that he came out toddler-sized and has always had a ravenous appetite. There are very few things he does not like- as a matter of fact, the only thing I can think of is broccoli. In that regard, I think we just really lucked out. He'll go through phases where he only prefers bread and cheese but eventually snaps out of it. His favorite food? Sweet potato fries and peas. 

As for using a spoon? That's just something he picked up on his own. When he began reaching for ours, I went out and bought a myriad of toddler spoons- some are easier to use than others. Mostly Nuk brand. And he just took to it! I'm truly amazed at how well his hand-eye coordination is. I think it's just a series of trial and error and when they're ready? They're ready!

Dannielle, a super awesome Mommy and longtime Loyal who doesn't yet have a blog, aka another one of my favorite favorites, asked, "What do you feed C for breakfast? (Owen is bored with his foods lately..) and When is baby #2 coming?"

1. Breakfasts are usually fairly static in our house. Most days he has microwavable french toasts sticks or miniature pancakes with a side of fresh fruit and occasionally a scrambled egg. Some days it's just an egg or two and a banana cut in halves. Other days it's some oatmeal and a muffin frittata! On any given day you can almost guarantee a fairly steady rotation of all of the above.

2. Hopefully sometime in 2012!

Lindsey asked, "What's the best thing and worst thing about having a baby? Honestly."

Truly the best thing about having a baby? There are so, so many things. If I had to narrow it down and absolutely pick just one? It's just being privy to this little person that you and someone you love more than life itself created. Watching them learn and grow and change is just so incredible. And to be responsible for that? Amazing. 

The worst thing? It truly changes your relationship with your significant other. Most days? It's for the better. But it certainly brings with it a whole new set of challenges. Every day is a learning experience. I think that and the lack of sleep. You will never, ever sleep the same again. Regardless of whether or not your kid sleeps through the night. Honest truth. 

Thanks so much for the questions ladies! It was fun sharing just a bit extra with you! If there is anything else you're dying to know, just ask! If you're lucky.. I'll answer! Happy Thursday, Loyals! 


  1. I MISSED the ask a question post .. Boo!

    Did you have morning.night.or all day sickness with C and if so how did you conquer it so you could work?

    I am also Maryland resident, what do you think of the INSANE weather we have had this year? :) And what are your winter predictions ...Lots of snow or none!?

  2. Great answers! I didn't ask anything cuz...well, you've already answered any questions either on the blog or in e-mails!

    Love you girl - you AND your trigger-happy "publish" fingah :)

  3. That first question made me think of one! What are your favorite things to do in Maryland and the surrounding states? I grew up in Maryland (moved when I was 20) and never took advantage of being so close to so much, but after living on Guam I'm excited to move back in the spring and explore more!

  4. Another baby in 2012, eh. Let me do some baby math here, lol.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE of my favorite cities too!!

    And I totally agree with you on all things is never the same:)

  6. Loved reading your answers to this and I love the name Charlotte!

  7. Cakebread Chardonnay = PURE FLIPPIN' HEAVEN.

  8. OMG. Definitely make the baby sleep in the nursery. We did it with Connor and any other baby that comes along. Plus, He was in his crib by the first month. Best decisions ever made! (Read: I need my space!)

  9. I forgot to submit my question:) I am not yet a mother but rather a working woman. I have a job I love and sometimes wonder if I would miss it if I were to stay at home with our (someday) kids. Do you find that you miss working? I would love love love to be a SAHM but unfortunately when the time comes I do not think it will be financial possible. I also fear that I would miss my job and the adult interaction. How do you keep on task at home? Sometimes I think I would be a lazy SAHM. By the way I am a relatively new reader but I went back and read all of your posts to get up to date! I had to comment so I would no longer be a stalker :)

  10. Having a baby definitely changes your relationship with your's just different. It's like that lame song, "A Baby Changes Everything" so true.

  11. I missed the question post too! if you don't mind can you talk more about the transition to crib and how that worked/didn't work for you. I stress about that. Our almost 4 month old is sleeping in her rock and play sleeper (she LOVES) still and the few times we've tried to make her sleep in her crib she wasn't having it. Everyone says to do what works and asks me "why" I feel like she needs to sleep in her crib if the R&P sleeper works but darnit, i just WANT her to. OH and she still naps IN HER SWING. We need help. And I agree with the change of relationship with your hubby. I feel like we are always coming and going and some days all we talk about is who pooped when (the dog and the baby) LOL.

  12. Thanks for the answers mama :) And I'm late to the party, but the family pic on Twitter is AHHmazing! Seriously gorgeous!

  13. Thank you for answering!'re not lame!

    Come to NH sometime, it's beautiful!

  14. Yay for the name Charlotte!!! It was our only choice for our babe. But getting oh, so popular. Figures! (and so smart of you to not tell your new #1 name..people are stealers!) Love this

  15. Your fellow Jersey girl remembers that post and just never asked a question with my out of control schedule...but I do have one now...

    Growing up in Jersey, where did you go when you went "down the shore?" Since you were from North Jersey like me, I'm sure that's what you called it, right?

    P.S. Tommy has french toast sticks just about EVERY day for breakfast. Not so keen on the pancakes or eggs. Bananas and cereal bars too are a fave!

  16. Good answers, I agree alot of kids just pick up things from watching their parents or adults do it. :)


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