Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Baaaaaaaack! - Mama's Sweet Summer Swag

This post could alternately be titled, "And It Feels SO Good."
It's true, I've been hemming and hawing about having to shop from the ground up for a new Spring/Summer wardrobe for weeks now. The thought alone would have me breaking out into a cold sweat, however, once I got to shopping, it was as if I had been transported back in time. Back to a time when I would shop with reckless abandon. And let me tell you, sweet friends. A monster has been created.
The good news? After giving The Husband a fashion show of my new, sweet swag over the weekend, I'm fairly certain his jaw-on-the-floor look garnered the seal of approval I was so desperately seeking.
His wife is finally back and better than ever! I'm pretty sure he missed her about as much as I have!

Here's a glimpse at some of the items I've managed to accrue in the last 14 days. Not pictured are a few tunic-style tops that I haven't been able to find images of online. Most of these items were purchased via the Outlet Store, however a handful of them came from the sale racks of "the real JCrew," as I like to call it.

Things I've learned?

1. I have an unhealthy addiction to things both navy and striped.

2. I have purchased entirely too many tops and must reserve whatever "wifely stipend" (hey, remember those days?)* I have left for both bathing suits and shorts.

Keep in mind I've also purchased a pair of City Fit Navy capri pants as well as a pair in the dark khaki color. I also scooped up a FABULOUS pair of white denim jeans from Banana.

I know, I know. Try and stop me now!

All images via JCrew.


Coastline Stripe Pullover - purchased in Navy.
Looks comfy and classic and all kinds of nautical
paired with my dark khaki capris.

Stripe Button Back tee - purchased in Neon Pink As shown
Look fab paired with both white jeans and my navy capris!

Lace Tissue Tee - purchased in Buff as shown

Linen Henley Tank - purchased in Mineral Green as shown
Seriously, I cannot wait to wear the white jeans. They
just SCREAM summer and I'm loving
pairing delicious pastels with them!

Saturdays Square Type T
(Looks absolutely darling half-tucked with white jeans!)

Perfect Shirt in Neon Azalea - As shown.

Ribbon Cami - purchased in Alabaster as shown.

While trying on my new scores, I couldn't help but think how amazing it felt to finally get out of the new-stay-at-home-mom funk. You know the funk I'm takling about. I'd be lying if I told you that I haven't been wearing yoga pants and tank tops or some sort of workout-type gear every day for the last 8 months. It's forgiving, it's mostly black and it's been versatile for errand-running and baby-raising. Sure there were a few occasions for which I'd throw on a pair of jeans, but truly? I wouldn't be surprised if my workout comfies grew a set of legs and walked off, I've been wearing them so much.

So, the moral of the story? I'm learning to embrace my new mom-hips. I've said farewell to my closet full of JCrew's 2's and 4's and am slowly replacing them with confidence-boosting 6's. I too often lose sight of how I came about these new mom-hips and I'm getting much better at smacking myself upside the head and reminding myself that I have a GORGEOUS, healthy and active blue-eyed babe to thank for them.

And when I look at it that way, friends? These hips are damn worth it!

*For those of you that are longtime readers of ILYMTC, we're talking going back at least 1-2 years, you're familiar with the time in my life when The Husband would literally give me a bi-weekly allowance for all things wifely. We're talking shopping, manicures, hair appointments, etc. What a dream! Those days are long gone now, at least for a little while, but it's always nice to reminisce!



  1. YAY!

    I, too, am addicted to navy and white - ESPECIALLY stripes...poor Kitty. She will look boat-ready all summer...and we live in KANSAS :)

  2. I am LOVING the nautical-inspired clothes this season! I've purchased a few new items over the last few weeks, too - and you're right - IT FEELS SOOO GOOD! Great choices! :)

  3. Love it all! I have been purchasing all things striped and navy this past year. I may have an addiction.

  4. Can you be my personal shopper! :) I love when I find practical, yet adorable mom clothes and you've done it!

  5. Love everything you got & you just made me want white jeans more than people in hell want ice water

  6. I am LOVING all the tops!! I am so into the nautical stipes and navy blue and white and even red mixed in there! let me know when you go shoe shopping. I am in need of some new shoes these days!!

  7. I must have at least 5 or 6 navy and white striped tops for the summer. I can't stop myself!

  8. Love everything! So cute!

  9. The tops are great! I love the colors, and I too having a strange addiction to stripes

  10. YAY for having your Style Mojo back!! I recently retrieved mine as well! & while it's on a much lower scale than your's, I'm lovin' being back!

    LOVE all of your choices!!

  11. Love them. I have decided you should come out to CA and be my personal shopper. Well, give me a few months after baby girl is born:-)

  12. love your picks! you didn't need any help! i'm also addicted to anything navy, and anything with stripes. and i seriously can't wait to get me some white jeans...they are at the top of my to buy list. you are gonna be one hot mama! :)

  13. You are sorely, SORELY tempting the shopping monster within me as well! LOVE your picks. I normally ban myself from JCrew.com, buuut... that lace-striped top calls me hither...

  14. So I'm not supposed to be shopping right now.. yea. Thanks for this ;)

    I love all your finds. You'll look amazing this summer!

  15. OMG, I love all of this! I'm with ya, I've been stuck in that new-mom rut for awhile. Unfortunately, all the tax $$ had to go to the new AC unit and new tires for my "mom car". Sigh.
    Hoping and praying the hubs gets an awesome bonus or something and lets me go shopping. Sometimes, I really miss the working days when I had the extra $$ to spend on whatever I wanted. Oh well. The babies are worth it.
    Oh, and that last bit about being ok with how your body has changed because of your little one? Very well put. :)

  16. I am so obsessed with those stinking stripes, its not even funny! I even wore one for T's first birthday. I figured 20 years from now, that would "classic" in pictures.. But I am with you on those mommy hips! Geez, those things pop out and there is no coming back from that! :)

  17. I've been out of the bloggy loop lately. Did you post those 2's for a sale? If not, I think you should!

  18. I know...now that I am not working anymore I so need to go get some casual wear...plus not being preggo is a reason to go too!

  19. I think you're excited about the white jeans!

    And coming from someone who has gone from a size 10/12 to a size 6 since Thanksgiving, I'm thinking a 6 is amazing! :)


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