Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good! Finger Foods for Baby.

I've gotten a few emails lately asking if I've started C on any finger foods lately. If so, what have we done? The answer is a resounding yes! Typically, Carter eats two "finger-food" snack-type meals per day. Typically, I'll give him some sliced banana cubes with his yogurt at 11am and then later in the day he'll have a "snack" that consists of a couple of sweet potato sticks and some smashed blueberries. In the beginning, "finger foods" were introduced mainly so that Carter could work on fine motor skills but now that he's growing hungrier and more independent, I'll be introducing finger foods in greater quantity.
When looking for new ideas, I always turn to I cannot say enough about this website. It's such an easy, indispensable resource when it comes to feeding! Here are a few of their brilliant suggestions when it comes to delicious finger foods for baby!
I'll admit, I'm pretty darn excited about dusting tofu in a little cheerio dust. Carter, however, may have other ideas!

Happy One-Day-Closer-To-Friday, Loyals!

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  1. What great info. I was actually going to do some research on this topic this weekend because I feel like C is getting bored with his puffs. We need some more variety. Great post thanks!

  2. Great research! i will put this in my baby file till we have one! :) xxoo

  3. Connor loves Goldfish, both the cheese and graham. He also loves the Club Mini crackers. We usually give those to him after he eats dinner just to keep him occupied long enough for us to eat!

  4. Those are all great ideas. I was psycho about Addaline not eating any solid foods until later (read- psycho bfeeding mom). I think if we have another one, I won't be such a spaz about it. Macie was pretty much on 75% solid food by about 9 months, homegirl LOVED to eat!

    Looks like you've got some great ideas and resources girl. And little C couldn't be any cuter. I love all the pics you post on twitter :)

    Happy Friday eve, friend!

  5. I love this website. I used it ALL of the time when I made my little guy's baby food. Great post.

  6. Sometimes I think we are living the same life!! Guess what site I was on the other day? What was I looking for? Oh yea, finger food (and what to dust some things with) ideas! LOL :)

    I'm loving this stage - it's so much fun with the food!!! :) Hope y'all are having an awesome Thursday!!!

  7. Thanks for the heads up...I will definitely be checking out that website once my little once gets to that stage!

  8. That's definitely my favorite site too. As much as I love watching G grow up and try new things, I am totally paranoid about him choking on finger foods! I can't seem to get past puffs! I need all food to dissolve in water ;)


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