Friday, April 1, 2011

And In An Instant I Realized Something... Who The Heck Cares? - All Because of A Reader Email

If you follow me on Twitter, then you're aware of the ridiculous comment that I received on the post I had written about being a big, fat 1950's Housewife Fail. If you've commented on I Love You More Than Carrots before then you know that I've enabled comment moderation. Therefore, I have to approve and publish every comment that comes across my blog. Being that the comment was so absolutely ridiculous, I went ahead and published it shortly after I received the email. You know, right after a few explatives and some other not-so-nice words escaped my mouth.  
Long story short, someone who is incredibly unfamiliar with not only my writing, but also the players of I Love You More Than Carrots (myself, The Husband, Carter and Sullivan), tried to call me out saying that I "stole" the thoughts that I had written on that post because I had "left the name of the original writer's son in #4." The name she was referring to, of course, was "Sullivan." You know Sullivan. My dog. She also said something about my "incessant bragging of Carter," which hey, if that's what you think about my blog, so be it. He's cute and he's awesome and I think he's thegreatestbabyinthenetireworld. But I'm supposed to think these things because I am, in fact, his mother.
So in the end, the laugh was on her as we all know that I always give credit where credit is due and the writing of I Love You More Than Carrots is purely my own happenstance meanderings.
What I really wanted to write about today was the email that I received literally within 2 minutes of opening The Mean Comment. The email was from a sweet Mama, "JS," who stumbled across my blog and took to reading it while receiving platelets in an outpatient chemotherapy clinic. Platelets for the blood count recovery she needed after finishing her final round of consolidation chemo. 
The consolidation chemo she was receiving for the Acute Myelogenous Leukemia that she was diagnosed with when her sweet baby was just 10 weeks old. 
And just like that, in that instant, I realized something. Who the hell cares if you think I'm bragging or you don't like my blog. There are far too many other things to worry about in this life, to put that energy toward. There are strangers to connect with, stories to tell and prayers to be prayed.
Reading JS's email practically knocked the wind out of me and as it did, the memories and emotions of caring for so many of my patients who were mothers came washing over me. Words can't explain the admiration I have for these women and their unwavering strength. Their perseverance. Their willingness to do whatever necessary in the face of a life-changing diagnosis. That not only are they battling this illness for themselves, but they are doing whatever it takes to kick Cancer's Ass for their children and their families. Once again, as typical mothers will do, they are putting others needs before their own.
In the email, JS included the link to her CaringBridge site. For those of you who are unfamilair with the CaringBridge organization, basically it's a free web service provided to families who are undergoing significant health challenges. It is a resource that helps families and friends stay connected and up-to-date with doctor's appointments, hospital stays, pictures, etc. Kind of like an online journal. 
So, I read through months of JS's CaringBride site. I cried when she cried, I laughed when she laughed and throughout it all, I could feel myself praying for her, silently talking to God in between paragraphs and treatment rounds. During the nights she would Skype with her kids from her hospital room. 
JS, you frickin' rock, Mama. I know you don't need me to tell you that, but I just had to say it. I am so in awe of you and wish nothing but stable white blood cell counts, a successful Consolidation round and that you reach that Five Year Goal. You're right. It's a shame Oprah is headed off-air, because you totally deserve a spot on her show! 
Don't ever lose that sense of humor you have, as it will carry you through, as I am certain you already know. Hug those babies tight and thank you so much for your email. It was just what I needed. A swift kick in the ass to remind me that life is unpredictable. Don't waste your time on negativity. And just like that beautiful sign you have, "Live For Today."  
Happy Friday, Loyals. Have a fabulous weekend. And if you have a chance, any of you prayer warriors out there, squeeze in an extra prayer for JS and her family couldya? Thanks a million.

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  1. oooooHHHHH!!!!!! that gets me SOOO HEATED!!!! LMAO!!! I wish you come comment back to her..... things like this always make me want to set people back in their place.. but you are a better woman than I. <3 Only hope she reads this!!! JOKE's ON YOU!!

    *settles down*

    You're an AMAZING BLOGGER and an ever better person.

  2. Oh wow! I just went back and read her comment... how rude! For starters, how does one have the time to say negative things to a stranger? I mean, I hardly have time to comment the kind comments I leave. And really? She really thinks you brag about your son??? Well damn right you do! You're his mama and last time I checked this is YOUR blog and you can write about whatever you want! That's the beauty of blogging. If I had a son and he was as special as yours is, I'd be bragging like crazy! You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart. She must be very unhappy in her own life and makes it clear that she's jealous of yours. Again, I just can't understand why people take time out of their day to tear others down... My prayers go out to both her and the woman who's truly in need of prayer, the Chemo pacient you mentioned.

  3. What a great feeling to know you were there giving her something to read during that time. And as far as the hater, ugh...ignore, just ignore!

  4. What a great post! You are not only hillarious but have a sweet sweet heart. I will definitely be praying for JS and for God to heal her body! Bless her dear body! What a strong woman! Thanks for sharing this. We truly have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

  5. wow... people really need to get a life! Frankly, I believe that your blog is your blog to do whatever with. If that means that you want to post pictures of your son, your dog, your husband, etc than so be it. Its your space. Apparently people want to read it because we follow you, if she doesn't want to than she clearly doesn't have too!

  6. Haha, AP! You're so vain you probably thought YOUR BLOG was about YOU!!! ;)

    You know what? Brag it up! Carter is awesome and Krishna (yes, I went and found her comment and the big fat chicken has no blog or e-mail enabled in her profile!) can just exercise a little self-control and stop visiting ILYMTC.

    But I hope she visits one last time to read this post and get an attitude adjustment when she reads about JS...

  7. Goodness! Well, I'm sorry you got a mean comment, but, you know that your loyals love you and think that Carter IS the cutest little baby EVER! You are a fabulous writer and a wonderful mama. And thank you fo sharing a bit of JS's story. Her family will be in my prayers!


  8. Seriously, people need to GET A FLIPPIN' LIFE! There are FAR more important things in this world than worrying about if you wrote the post or not, and accusing you of stupid things that are not in fact, even true. You are a far better person, I would have replied with a snarky email back (*haters beware*).

    I will say a prayer for your friend girl!


  9. I must have missed this on twitter the other day. How incredibly ridiculous. I am sure she is quite embarassed if she's reading this now.

    Thanks for sharing the story of this incredible woman, as well. You are right ... there is no time to waste on these crazy haters. There are WAY more important things to worry about.

    And? Keep on braggin' Mama. Your boy is the bomb.

  10. Um...good for you for moving on from this person and their negativity. It would be difficult for me, especially when someone is insulting me and my child, but you have to be the bigger person, so good for you.
    In a positive light, how wonderful to hear about the positive email.
    And brag away deserve the right! All I do is talk about Mia because I'm her Mom and that's what we're supposed to do :)
    Shake it off sister and have a great weekend!

  11. I totally went back to read the comment. I would love to say something but I won't :) for the record: C is your son and ya you have every right to brag about him!

  12. I got a comment after Chad and I broke up of someone telling me to grow up and stop being such a baby. people suck!

  13. I really don't understand people critizing what you decide to write about! Its your blog! It blows my mind! Enough with the exclaimation marks...
    It is your job as a mommy to brag about Carter, thats what we do..

    I will add your blogging friend to my prayer list--she sounds like an amazing woman!

    Hope You, Carter and Sheepie have a fun Friday!

  14. Your blog (write what ya want), your kid (he is pretty stinkin' cute), your life (who cares if someone doesn't like it - they can unfollow you)!

    Love your blog, lady! :)

  15. AAAAAMEN, girl! I've gone through a lot in the past two years and it kills me when people make negative comments or complain about things, basically, for their own entertainment.

    If you don't like what you're reading- uhhh--QUIT reading it.. Is it not that simple?

    I will be praying for JS and also, that God uses this to humble that commenter.


  16. And just like that... life kicks us in the ass. You're totally right, that chick (or dude?) isn't worth the energy spent on being negative.

    I can't even fathom what JS and others in her situation have to endure... I'm glad she decided to reach out to you and share!

  17. And just like that... life kicks us in the ass. You're totally right, that chick (or dude?) isn't worth the energy spent on being negative.

    I can't even fathom what JS and others in her situation have to endure... I'm glad she decided to reach out to you and share!

  18. Well now that I'm tearing up in my office... haha. You're absolutely right, though. WHO CARES!? You're obviously grounded and know what's important in life. So just keep living it and who cares what some stranger thinks!? Get it girl!

  19. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that someone commented that to you! I'm so glad that you are brushing it off. It's your can brag/say whatever you want!! Especially about a precious baby! : )

  20. It's funny that people feel the need to criticize others. It's your blog + your son = you can say whatever you want. I'm glad you focus on what's really important instead, I wish everyone would....

  21. haha, well said! sounds like krishna needs (as i would tell my first graders) to chillax!

  22. happy friday (saturday now) mama! and go you for being the bigger person... i never did quite understand why people wated so much time worrying about what other people write on their blog... then on top of that, having the audacity to tell you what you should and shouldn't be saying. especially when it is about your own child! hello! we are allowed to brag all we want.... and if you don't like it, then you don't have to read it. but clearly she keeps coming back.... so the jokes on her!

  23. Awww MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! Gosh why don't mean people just all go live in a cave somewhere?

  24. Oh man. Some people have way too much time on their hands. You have an amazing blog and offer great advice and laughs. Stay you.

  25. I am going to have to go back and read her comment, I actually don't have any restrictions on who can comment and I even let anonymous people comment, just because like you said, WHO CARES? And the funny thing? I love how those mean commenters take time out of their day to come to YOUR blog and comment. And if she thinks you are "bragging" about your son, it must mean she reads your blog often, I would assume she's a little jealous.

    Anyway, love your blog, keep up to awesome blogging and I will be saying a prayer for your new friends!!


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