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So, Who Were You? The Valedictorian? A Band Geek? Head Cheerleader? How About All Three?

It's no secret that I'm The Husband's wife and Carter's mom. If you've been reading for a while, you also know that prior to these life roles, I worked my absolute dream job as a Hematology/Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant nurse. From what I care to share with the internet, I'm sure many of you are also aware of my sarcastic humor, dry wit and penchant for Chardonnay. Did I mention dry wit?
But, was I always this witty and sarcastic? Did I always want to be a nurse-turned-wife-turned-mother? What did I do before I discovered reality television and delivered a near 10lb baby?
I'm always intrigued by who did what during their high school years and with my 10-year high school reunion slowly creeping up later this year, I thought you might get a kick out of who I was during the years of 1997-2001.

I attended an all-girls Catholic high school. I wore a plaid skirt, knee socks and Doc Martin's. I got in trouble if my skirt was too short (which was always) and if my shirt was untucked (which was... always). If I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't waste a minute.

Looking back, I was quite the high school dichotomy. I belonged to the Junior Statesmen of America debate club and used my "free activity period" on Fridays to watch movies with the teacher that all the girls had a crush on. No, really. "Movie club" was a legit F-Day activity and it was awesome.

I was a witness on the Mock Trial team that went all the way to States two years in a row. I was a cheerleader for the all-boys school that proceeded to kick our plaid butts at aforementioned States. It was during my cheerleading days that I fell in love with my high school boyfriend who, you guessed it, played on the football team. We were that couple.

I pitched for the school's softball team for a year and quit promptly after the season ended, when the coach chose to play favorites and insisted on playing the girl who was taking pitching lessons from her sister over me. I guess you could say I was a sore loser. Me? A sore loser?

I was a member of Model UN, SADD and CARE. The only thing I remember about Model UN was the big conference at the end of the year where my school unleashed it's team of all-girl members in a hotel full of boys. Well, I'm sure there were other girls there, too. But all I remember were the boys. And there was a dance involved. CARE was a volunteer group (Christian Action Reaching Everyone). So, I did a little volunteering.

I rocked the world's smallest pair of spandex shorts and played volleyball, not only for my high school, but also for a traveling club team that took me all over the east coast. When I wasn't bumping, setting and spiking my way through the tri-state area, I was singing and dancing my little heart out both in show choir and my high school's Spring musicals. 

There was also that time I poured my little dramatic heart out in the Fall drama. Let's just say I much preferred the spotlight and the glitz and glam of show tunes to the low lighting and hum-drum of serious dramatics.     

Oh, did I mention the Biology team? Because I'm pretty sure I was a part of that, too. Although looking back, I'm not quite sure what purpose that club served. I'm fairly certain my best friends were also a part of the Biology team and we used to spend the club's meeting time ordering Dominos and hanging out.

So there you have it. I was that girl. The debate team, Mock Trial, a little drama, some united nations, a lot of showtunes, some spandex, a couple of pom-pom's, a baseball mitt and some AP Biology.

Oh... and I'm pretty sure I sat at the coolest lunch table in the cafeteria. At least myself and my friends thought so. Who were you in high school? Were you a dichotomy too?

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  1. i love this post :o)
    so much fun...i think i should do one of these...
    i was a cheerleader ( spirit fingers gal) who loved 'lunch' time more than anything in school b/c lets face it...thats where the socialization happens.
    i made my teachers cry, got in trouble for singing in history class...on an on... :o)

  2. Wow just learned a ton about you. What a great post :) How about some pictures from back in your High School Days!! and did you marry that football player?

  3. Wow.. you were involved in quite a list! I did cheerleading for two years just to be able to tumble since I quit gymnastics. I didn't try out my junior year just to spite the seniors. I wasn't very fond of them at the time.

    I did student council and track all four years. I mainly worked in high school as a bank teller after school and on Saturdays.

    Oh, and of course found plenty of time to *gasp* drink. What else do you do in small town Illinois?

  4. Ummmm....well.....let's just say the only thing I could relate to in that post was the all-girls Catholic school thing ;-)

    I was totally anti-everything school related. No sports, no clubs, no AP classes... I had a group of friends, and we would get to school as late as possible {after a trip to the park for a smoke}, and leave as soon as the bell rang. Unless we had to stay for detention because of too-short-skirts {I guess we have two things in common!}.

    Fun post!

  5. I was a cheerleader and only a cheerleader, it was my life! Haha and I went on the cheer in college. I definitely miss it!

  6. I was a wild, rebelling, party girl who was also on the cheer team, three year member of the student body association, best friends with the class president and homecoming queen, basketball team manager and dater of the football team. I was an oxymoron, but, I loved it!

  7. I always called myself the brainy jock. I was a soccer player, both in high school and a club team that was really good. I was in the Concert Band for one year and the Flute Ensemble as well, when I decided it wasn't "cool." I was in the Irish Club as well. I played co-ed intramural volleyball and became semi-famous with everyone in the league when I temporarily forgot I wasn't on the soccer field and headed the ball back over the net. The teacher and both teams fell on the floor laughing and I had no idea what I had done to cause that reaction. I was a good student, always worried about my grades, and definitely a bit of a goody-two shoes, always wanting to please the teachers and do the right thing. I was a little bit of a tomboy/late bloomer because I loved sports so much and didn't even go out on a date until the end of my junior year! I had crushes, but was pretty shy so I just daydreamed a lot about boys. But I had the best job, working the refreshment stand at the ice rink at the high school, as everyone hung out there on weekends so it was sort of like I got to hang out with the cool kids though I never felt I was really one of them!

  8. Love it! I played volleyball all through high school, and for a club VB team too. Those were fun days, but for me, college was soooo much better!

  9. Love this. I went to a private, Christian, boarding high school. I played no sports. I was the editor of the yearbook, the head of student council, the salutorian (um, ya, I wasn't QUITE smart enough to be valedictorian), I was citizen of the year (kinda smiliar to prom queen? And guess what? Evan was my male counter part, BEFORE we were bf/gf). I was lead in the school play, in the girls' devotional group, and that's about it. :)

  10. why am I not surprised you were the cool girl? ha.

    My post would definitely look different. :)

  11. I was a dancer. Which in my high school was exactly like cheerleading without the tumbling and a little more dancing.
    I loved lunch time the most because we were able to go off campus for lunch and that was so much fun! I ran the "Bulldog Store" my Senior year during some lunches for DECA. I took every Marketing class my school offered, which was a lot. Fashion Merch, Advertising, Marketing, Marketing II, Salesmanship, and etc.
    My senior year English consisted of me reading a book a week. And spending every Friday at a local elementary school reading to the "less fortunate" kiddos. I hated math and science but excelled in AP Psychology, English, and of course my Marketing classes. My senior year my AP Psych class started a club for knitting called "Psycho-Knitters", I was the secretary. We raised $700 for a local children's shelter our first year doing an auction.

    I got a substitute fired.

    But I was not popular by any means. I wouldn't go back for anything.

  12. Fabulous post! Its so fun to learn about peoples high school lives :)

  13. Let's see, I played field hockey in the fall all four years, ran indoor and spring track all four years, was VP of the Spirit Club, in the Latin Club, SADD, Yearbook. I also went to an all girls Catholic school! We wore saddle shoes.

  14. Great post!

    I was painfully shy, yet on the drill team dancing in spandex in front of everyone. I was a member of NHS, on the honor roll, honors math and science classes {I'm an artist now}. I dated the same guy on and off from middle school through high school...ick.

    I played volleyball and basketball my freshman year and ran track freshman and sophomore year.

    I hung out with a group of girlfriends, and we never really had a "corresponding guy group". We would drive around on the weekends looking for cute boys in Jeeps.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have ALOT more fun, and take things ALOT less seriously!

    Oh, high school.

  15. Dang, momma. You were QUITE the high school student! I loved reading this!!

    I am just going to go ahead & keep my high school persona to myself. It doesn't even compare to yours. HAHA!

  16. You were a busy girl in HS!! I barely made it by with a C average, wasn't on any team but had a bajillion friends. I was there for the social aspect. ;)

  17. HAHA, well you know lots about me since we went to HS together in the same grade! I'm pretty sure MY lunch table was the coolest, hahaha! Although I'm pretty positive we could all switch around and shuffle tables and have an equally awesome time.

    I was the girl who played tennis but didn't make the team.. man our school was competitive!!.. piano-playing, computer-science obsessed (it shows), AP Calc (good lord i miss that class).. what activities was I in again!? If i can find my year book I could tell you.. it's gotta be in the attic.. but I think I did JSA for a bit, Art honors society, good lord I forget now. Man I miss F-Day Activity.. :)

  18. I don't even think I knew we had that many activities, haha. I did nothing other than French club and BC Superdance committee {hello, going to BC at lunch was my fav thing ever!}

    Hahaha, I just saw the comment someone wrote asking if you married the football player....hahaha

  19. I was a volleyball player! Got cut my senior year for a Russian chick who didn't even try out {still bitter? ;)}
    I was a goody by my mom's overprotective doing, plus she taught at my highschool. I was a mentor for the elementary school,volunteered, & took AP Bio too (love it.) I was late every day of my senior year, but just got a note to class from my mom :)

    No wonder I went WILD in college :)

  20. Kinda unrelated... We go the whole school on our side... itty bitty freshman, silly silly sophomores, jolly jolly juniors and mighty mighty seniors. I miss that.

  21. This is such a fun post! I think I'm going to do one for myself. I'm gonna have to bust out the trusty old yearbook though, b/c it has been 15 years since my freshman year of HS. Damn, I'm getting OLD!!

    ps - I want to see HS pics of you too!

  22. Ha! I loved the title of this post, because I was ALL THREE...and throw in the female lead & choreographer for every school musical, as well :) Science Club, Cheer Squad, Color Guard, Choir, Student Council, Honor Society, Prom Committee Chair...yeah, I think doing all that prepared me for the balancing act that is MOTHERHOOD :)

    I never realized how much I did in high school until NOW!

  23. LOVE this post! So interesting!

    I started my HS career as a cheerleader-ish smart girl. I was in honors and followed all the rules, although I was quite sassy. Maybe even a mean girl.

    But the weird thing is that I was not cool. I was definitely not in the "in" crowd... and I rode the bus waay longer than was cool.

    Yep, I was a smart loser. But a hot one.

  24. Haha, High school wasn't that long ago, whats funnier is who I was in middle school compared to who I was in high school...

    Did the all-girls episcopalian school complete with two sets of uniforms (fall/spring and winter kilt) and a boys school up the hill. Played varsity softball for two years (freshman and sophomore) but only because their wasn't enough interest to field a JV team. JV volleyball my sophomore year. Did the musical my freshman year. I was a Girl Scout by default-I stuck it out with the girls from my elementary/middle school for 13 years. Sang in chorus through my junior year, was in one a cappella group two years and the student-run group my senior year and got to do singing valentines! I spent my after school hours my junior and senior year working in the pre school on campus playing with kiddies. I'm pretty sure I did clubs and stuff, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. Became proficient at asking boys to dances. AP classes my senior year, big fall out with friends junior year, the works :) I got in all that high school drama.

  25. My high school years were amazeballs. Truly. I had amazing friends, dated the most popular guy in school (I wish I could say I was kidding), rocked Homecoming Court and Prom Queen, was in FCA, Y-Club, band (at one time), Varsity Soccer, ODP soccer, and sat at the cool table. I somehow managed to get along with everyone and still took all AP classes and college courses.

    Gah. It was so easy back then!!! Can we rewind please?!

  26. Woah! I thought cheerleading took over my life in HS, but it sounds like you were even busier.

  27. I was in student council:) And I was a cheerleader, on the honor roll, and on the swim team:)


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