Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seven Happy Months - Now, Where's My Xanax?

As of yesterday, it feels as if we're catapulting towards celebrating Carter's first birthday, full speed ahead. Six months came and went and I totally had that Joey Lawrence circa-his-Blossom-days "Woah" moment. And just like that, seven months came along and I can honestly feel the anxiety creeping in. Let's just blame February for being a ridiculously short month, shall we? 

Carter baby, you are seven months old. You are coming into your own silly, snarky little being and it's been nothing short of a giant blessing being able to witness your metamorphosis from what Daddy likes to call your "Blob Baby Stage" into this Crazy Little Human Stage. It amazes me to think that at such a young age you've started to develop your own feelings and opinions on many, many things. I did say many, right? Sure, you can't "use your words" yet, but let's just say you have no problem getting your point across.

So, Baby C. What have you been up to this month?

You're still wearing size 3 diapers during the day, although you're clearly ready to wear size 4's. The only problem is that Mama has about 55 size 3's she needs you to go through yet. Hang in there, big guy! You're still rocking size 4 Overnite's and they've been our saving grace. Or should I say, your crib sheet and jam-jam's saving grace? 

You're tipping the scales around 20lbs. and measuring at 30 inches in length. If you keep growing at this rate, you'll be the next Michael Jordan. You know, Baby C, lot's of colleges offer scholarships for basketball and if you're a tall skinny white boy with red hair? You're a shoe-in. No pressure though, sweetie. 

Janie&Jack measured you for some sweet summer swag while we were home in New Jersey with Gammie and Poppy. The saleslady had to practically scoop Mama up from the floor when she told us that you'll be wearing 18-24mo tops and 12-18mo shorts. Right now? You're wearing 12-18mo tops and 18mo stretchies. Carter's? Children's Place? We're currently accepting donations in the form of one-piece jam-jam's. Carter is outgrowing them at the speed of light.  

You learned to splash in the tub this month. It wasn't one of the finer things that I've taught you, but you absolutely love to do it. Whether you're flailing your arms about or kicking your legs like a wild bohemian baby, once bath time is through, it looks as if we've both splashed around in the duck tub. Carter, if it were up to you, you would stay in that duck tub until you turned into a wrinkly little prune-baby. 

You're sitting up completely on your own now and will even "catch" yourself when you're about to topple. Dr. Pediatrician was shocked when he walked into your 6-month appointment to find you sitting on the table like a big boy. We're so proud of  you, our little overachiever.

Speaking of overachieving, just within the last two weeks you've started "clapping" when anyone around you yells, "Yay!" You just get so stinking excited clapping those hands that you'll even let out a "squeal" or two! 

You've also started waving "buh-bye," however, it's most often to yourself. Mama finally realized that you're just mimicking how our "buh-bye hands" look from your angle! Seriously, could you be any smarter? You're making me look bad.

There isn't a fruit or veggie that you don't like, Mr. Carter. This month you nom'd all over mangoes, peaches, prunes, carrot and pumpkin. Your favorites still seem to be pears/mangoes and oatmeal and butternut squash and rice. Don't think that I don't count my lucky stars every single day to have such a voracious, un-picky eater. 

You enjoyed your first teething biscuit this month and someone should have told me it would make a huge mess. Mama learns quickly though and makes sure to bib-you and roll up your sleeves when it's biter biscuit time! 

You're addicted to Puffs and Mum-Mum's. You're quick to devour a Mum-Mum in less than 3 minutes and I can't help but laugh when you make it down to that last little nub as you're shoving your whole entire fist in your mouth to suck up every last bit. As for Puffs, I insist on breaking them into halves when you're in your high chair, but really? When you're shoving 6 halves into your mouth at one time? Does it even make a difference?

When it's time to eat? Or you'd like some more Mum-Mum's/Puffs/Milkies? You start making the "Mmm Mmm Mmm" sound. You repeat said sound louder and louder and LOUDER until you get what you want. I'm quite certain this will not bode well for your toddler years. 

If you're "Mmm Mmm Mmm's" go unanswered? You start in with the "Bah Bah Bah's." You're such a little stinker!

Carter Baby, are a rolling machine. Over and over and over again. Unstoppable, really. I can barely take my eyes off you for a second before you're rolling all over a room. Remember that time you rolled under the futon while Mama was blogging? OK, good. Me neither. 

You've also started pushing up onto all fours and rocking. Be still my heart. Did I mention you're also army crawling backwards? Let's talk about catapulting towards your first birthday. I think Mama is going to have a coronary. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned this, but you also love to stand up. You can pull yourself up from a sitting to standing position with just a little help from Mama or Daddy. You can also support yourself while standing, if you're holding onto the ottoman or.. Sheepie. Some days I truly forget that you're only seven months old. 

Let's see, what else have you been up to? 

Earlier this month, you transitioned to your convertible Britax and are absolutely fixated on staring out the window. You love to take Sophie and Pony along for car rides and have recently become enamored with red Solo cups. As a matter of fact, a red Solo cup was your best buddy on your recent trip to New Jersey. You behaved amazingly well during the 4 hour ride, sleeping for the first 3 hours and playing/eating Mum-Mum's that last hour. It's just awesome to see what a ways you've come from that meltdown on the NJ Turnpike when you were a mere 6 weeks old and Mama was in tears with you! 

Speaking of New Jersey, you spent two weeks hanging out with Gammie and Poppy. You are obsessed with your Poppy. If I didn't know any better, I would say he's definitely one of your most favorite people. You know something Carter, he's my favorite, too! 

Squishy, you're just so awesome. Your Daddy and I love you SO much and we're so grateful to be the parents of such a happy, healthy, smiley, sometimes-stubborn-and-snarky, little boy! Love you bunches, Lil' Bit! 

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  1. 7 months!!! So big :) Love those pics!

  2. He is so cute. It's amazing how fast they grow. It makes my heart ache!

    I so tried to get Ethan in some baby legs...way to long for us even though he is a tall baby. Maybe I didn't buy the right style..mine were one size.

  3. He is so cute! His eyes are amazing.. I am also blaming February for son turning 11 months old.. There's no 30th so we just went with the 28th...

  4. 7 months, SO cute! He is seriously an adorable little guy, and tall. You'll definitely have a little basketball player on your hands!

  5. Omg I'm gooing and gaaing over the first pic!!

  6. He looks like an awkward teenager with dangly arms and legs trying to crawl! I can't believe how tall he is.

  7. Oh..those eyes!! He's so cute!

  8. Love that you post all his milestones each month. What a great mommy - hopefully I'll be 1/2 that motivated!

  9. He is so sweet and adorable! I could snuggle with him! Hope he stays a good eater for you - my now 18 month old was a great veggie eater too, and now it's only sweet potatoes...but he loves fruit at least. I can't believe the size of him though - my little guy is just shy of 18 months and is just outgrowing 18 month clothes...perhaps I should send them to you!!!

  10. Happy 7 months to you both!! I'm loving C's expressions in this post! He is looking so grown! What is wrong with this crazy kids growing so fast!! I swear Trey only has like 2 sleepers that fit right now too - it's too much to handle! Glad I'm not the only one who also "finishes the diapers" that we have. Those suckers are not to be wasted!
    Love that the Solo cup kept him entertained! Whatever works right? Right! :)

  11. Hi friend-

    okay, figured out how to link my email, so i'm hoping you can just reply to this comment to email me?? do you mind trying it?

    :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Uh mine is 11 months old today. There is not a bottle with enough wine in it to make this okay.


    But what a cute 7 month old he is!

  13. These pictures are amazing Ashley - he's so beautiful and getting so big!


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