Friday, July 2, 2010

Wait, Is That A Picture of Me?

Whew. After closer inspection, I was able to deduce that this is in fact, NOT a picture of yours truly. However, the belly did throw me off a bit. With the way my clothes have been fitting recently? I wouldn't have been all that surprised. Even my maternity tanks and t's are turning into belly shirts and let me tell you folks, it's not a pretty sight. Slap a flannel cut-off on me and I feel like I just might be the next spokeswoman for John Deere. Or some new fangled brand of "chewin' tobaccky."

But seriously. I really am headed off to Walmart soon. I need to pick up some baby detergent as well as a few last minute storage bins for Baby Boy's new fancy shmancy closet. I'll be on the lookout for any creepsters pointing their camera phones at me. I just might be the next picture on

people of walmart . com


  1. Seriously? What are we supposed to do for the next couple of weeks? Mine are wearing the same way and its so effing annoying.

  2. bwahahaa. Your so silly. You look fab!!!

  3. Haha. I love the people of Walmart. And you my dear have nothing to worry about, I highly doubt you'll be next to the likes of that crazy woman!

  4. Haha....that picture is the exact reason why I DONT frequent Wal-mart. I'm a target gal!


    YOU my dear keep getting funnier :)

    I hear ya tho.. just noticed last night as I was brushing my teeth that a tank of mine was now a belly shirt... neat! LOL.

    Have a great weekend doll!

  6. Husband's closet. Seriously, that's how I survived the last few weeks. Amazing finds in there...

  7. Girl.... I totally feel your pain!! All of these tops that were "SO LONG" have all of a sudden shrunk? (because clearly my belly can't be THAT big...) :)

    I had to go buy three new tank/shirt things the other day because seriously I'm scared of ending up on PeopleofWalmart too!!

    xoxo, Hope you have a fabulous 4th!

  8. Oh we're clearly in the same boat. I think we're almost the exact same number of days pregnant. I think. It all still confuses me. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that your blog has been cracking me up!

  9. i will have to look into that dog food - they've been on science diet forever, and now of course are on the diet version - and luckily the bag is about to run out!

    i agree she totally looks nakey. i have to remind myself that she's the same dog even with out hair because i like her so much better shaggy. oh i'm so vain.

    i miss the black and white straight hair too, they are such cute pups.

    aw, can't believe sully is 2 now, stella will be 4 on christmas day. tear drop.

    i love seeing pics of your cute belly, sully, and new house/nursery! you look adorable :)


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