Sunday, July 18, 2010

If I Wasn't 37 Weeks Pregnant, Style Torture Edition.

As if the pudgy fingers and toes, the constantly aching back and the vicious heartburn wasn't torture enough, I thought I would further drive myself out of my mind by checking out some of the things I would be wearing if...

I wasn't 37 weeks pregnant. Cue: massive amounts of drooling and swooning.

For those of you who are new to the blog and don't quite know me, I love clothes. More specifically, I pink puffy heart JCrew (and Lands End Canvas and Nordstrom). But truth be told, 95% of my wardrobe hails from the Crew. At least, it did before becoming pregnant. And before choosing to take a break from working full time and becoming a stay-at-home wife turned soon-to-be stay-at-home mommy.

If I wasn't so embarassed, I'd share with you all the time, upon arriving at our new house in Maryland, I cried while unpacking my suitcases, bins and storage boxes full of summer Crew clothes only to immediately pack them right up again for storage in the guest room closet.

Did someone say cry? Never. Let's just say that I have an entire walk-in guest room closet filled with motivation to regain my pre-baby body as quickly as post-baby possible.

Here are just a few pretties that would certainly have found their way into my closet if I wasn't 37 weeks pregnant, on a strict money diet that prevented me from shopping anywhere but WalMart:

Silk Chiffon Taryn Dress, JCrew

Coral Reef T, JCrew

Kelsey Ruffle Cami, JCrew

and my personal absolute favorite:
Rosetree Trellis Taryn Gown, JCrew

Boyfriend V-Neck Sweater, Lands End Canvas

Canvas Cotton Lawn Skirt, Lands End Canvas

I know, I know. My time will come. I will work my hiney off to fit back into those Citizens, Sevens and Chip and Peppers that have been hanging in my closet, sticking their tongues out and teasing me mercilessly each time I open my closet door.

But until then? I'm going to proudly rock my husband's Fruit of the Loom white T-shirts and his Under Armour athletic shorts as if they're going out of style.

You know, since even my maternity clothes aren't fitting these days...


  1. Ooooh, that long dress looks amazing!!! WISH we had J.Crew here!!!

  2. Is it ok I shed a tear during this post? I miss real, cute, nice clothes SO much!! And the fact that my LARGE MATERNITY tanks aren't even completely covering the belly without me constantly pulling them down really doesn't help the situation.

    My bday is Tuesday and I'd give anything... well besides the baby to wear the Rosetress Trellis Taryn Gown to dinner that night... sigh...

  3. Such pretty things! Too bad J Crew doesn't make maternity for you. ;)

  4. I have such a love for expensive though. I fall in love with almost ALL of their shoes!

  5. Trust me.. if you breastfeed, you will waste away. I am proof. Before pregnant- 146.. six weeks after, 133. I haven't seen 133 on the scale since high school! Congrats on making it full-term, and enjoy these last few weeks as just the three (hi Sheepie!) of you. The focus sure does change!

  6. seriously! I am sooooo ready to wear cute clothes again, especially skinny jeans! I currently only have 3 dresses that fit this huge belly!

  7. I'm sorry! I can also say that I feel your pain. I am in the same.exact. boat. and it stinks. I have a few weeks to go but I can not wait to get this baby out and my arse back on a treadmil. It's too painful to open my closet every day and say oh this is cute.. oh yea, never mind its also a size 2.

    I might have or might not have cried a time or two after walking around in a mall and realizing that all the cute "season" clothes would never ever fit me right now. Not even with some fishing line and a bottle of crisco.

  8. sigh...J least you'll be back in non maternity soon!

  9. girl, i cannot believe you are 37 weeks already! how darn exciting. your personal fav jcrew dress is also my fav - and that lands end skirt is too cute. you undoubtedly will be the hottest mom on the culduesac rockin her citizens while pushing a stroller.

  10. I remember that phase so clearly! The one where you're ready for the pregnancy to be over, the babes to be with you and your body to be back to normal so you can fit into all the cute clothes you keep seeing and not just the drawstring sweats you constantly wear. Good luck - you're almost there!

  11. I love your taste, very classic. I also, was having these same sort of feelings a couple weeks ago as I packed up all my winter clothes into bins. We finally finished our upstairs and so I wanted a very "clean" closet for right now, or until I can fit into everything again (hopefully late fall/winter) I am determined....but yeah...nothing like packing up at least 20 pairs of very nice Banana trousers..I was like AHHH!!! My butt better fit back into these!


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