Friday, April 23, 2010


I've been really good about cravings. Throughout this entire pregnancy, there really hasn't come a time where I've felt like I needed a specific food item RIGHT THIS SECOND or if said specific food item was not had immediately that second, the wrath of this angry, angsty, moody pregnant woman would be unleashed in all it's fury.

Thankfully, this hasn't been the case, as I'm sure my husband is thanking his lucky stars (or should be!)! Sure, at times some things have sounded better than others- but it wasn't until this past week when I was absolutely dying for, undoubtedly craving and salivating at the mere thought of, a vanilla soft-serve cone with chocolate sprinkles. Even as I write this, at 1pm in the afternoon, I'm thinking that a vanilla soft-serve cone with chocolate sprinkles is a perfectly acceptable lunch option.

Out here in the sticks, the closest soft-serve-selling establishment is the Dairy Queen right down the road from our house. And my darling, loving, wonderful and obliging husband, didn't waste one second hopping into the car with me as I sweetly demanded the delicious dessert late one Tuesday evening.

Let's stop for a minute and consider how the stars are aligning:

1. I'm craving something suitable and realistic for the time of day.
2. I'm craving something that is within an attainable distance.
3. There just so happens to be a Dairy Queen 3.1 miles down the road AND it has a drive-thru window.

Seriously, could life get any better?

I pull up to the order box, practically drooling with anticipation. The headset-wearing, Jonas-brother-loving teeny bopper kindly welcomes me to the DQ and asks what I'll be having. I begin to stutter, I'm so excited. "I' I' I' I'll have a small vanilla soft-serve with chocolate sprinkles, please!"

And then, she says it. Those dreaded words no pregnant woman wants to hear.

"I'm sorry. We only have rainbow sprinkles."

Excuse me? Did you say you only have rainbow sprinkles? I sit there, astonished. Hubs has to pinch me, forcing me back into reality although, what I'm pretty sure what I'm experiencing can most certainly be classified as a nightmare.

How could this be? Did I miss this memo? Has Dairy Queen always only sold rainbow sprinkles? You are an ICE CREAM ESTABLISHMENT! IT IS AGAINST ALL THINGS CREAMY AND ICY AND DELICIOUS TO ONLY SERVE ONE KIND OF SPRINKLE! HOW COULD THIS BE?

Biting my tongue, swallowing back tears that I'm sure may fall any second, I reply, "Ok then. Rainbow sprinkles it is."

I drive around, sullen and sulking. Frowning, I pay for my dessert and eat in silence.

WTF, DQ? What a way to ruin a pregnant girl's day. Next time? I'm bringing my own chocolate sprinkles.


  1. This makes me laugh...

    A. This is my new craving lately. Just a vanilla cone with sprinkles.

    But B. I WANT THE RAINBOW ONES!!!! hahahahhaa!

    Maybe thats the difference between having a boy and a girl!??!?! lol!

  2. Oh no! Poor little Ash! :(

    ... on a side note, and don't hate me, but I HATE sprinkles. YUCK! I think they taste like chalk. ;-P

  3. HA HA! That stinks!

    I didn't even know DQ had sprinkles.

  4. Thats not even cool! I'm sorry :( I know how bad it is.... and ps- thank you... now I want DQ! :)


    (note to self... pack your own shaker of them in the car... ;) ha!)

    i'm craving cupcakes (see my blog) but alas they aren't happening.

    i'll live vicariously through your ice cream cone!


  6. OMG! I'm still crying I'm laughing so hard! I am so sorry about this! This is BS! Def keep a little bag of chocolate sprinkles in your purse. For those just in case reasons!

  7. haha, your story made me laugh!

    But let me tell you how lucky you are to have a drive-thru DQ! Every summer my husband and I always talk about how they need a drive-thru so we can jump in the car whenever we have a craving and pick up blizzards in our pajamas!

  8. Oh, what a major bummer! Honestly though, I don't even know that I've ever had chocolate sprinkles:(

  9. Ahhhh, how sad! And now I really want a DQ ice cream cone. :)


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