Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having No Internet Is Like... An Abomination. So Here's a Belly Pic?

If you had spoken to me about this issue in the previous weeks, you would have thought my world was ending. Yes, I have an iPhone. Yes, I can use it to accomplish mundane simple tasks, like checking facebook and reading my emails- but let's be honest. I can't use it for the most important things, like blogging and shopping. And during those previous two weeks, I thought I was going to lose my ever-loving mind.

Always one to give credit where credit is due, my darling Hubs has worked his incredibly studly behind off to get our house in liveable order. Always thinking, "What can I do next, Ash?" We've worked tirelessly together to hang curtains, glaze and seal kitchen cabinets, replace bathroom lighting fixtures, hang paintings, plant flowers and most importantly, hang blinds! And most of time? He's doing the work and I'm sitting on the floor... supervising. Needless to say, it's been wonderful and amazing and fantastic to watch our new house come together so quickly, but a constant casuality of our preoccupied-ness? Cable and Internet. I die. For two, almost three whole weeks.

Well my internet friends, as of 9am this morning, my new best friend (aka the Comcast guy) hooked Sheepie and I up with glorious, lightening fast internet. And I couldn't be happier. I almost chanced running out to my car in my husband's gym shorts and a way-too-small-for-the-belly tank top, just so that I could grab my camera from the car and start uploading the BAZILLION pictures I can't wait to share! But then I quickly thought to myself, "AP, you probably shouldn't risk it. The neighbors really like you and you certainly don't want to scare them away."

First things first, my bi-weekly Bumpdate. 24 and a half weeks. Holy smokes.

How did we celebrate the infamous Viability Day?
I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate such a momentous
yet fear-inducing milestone than with yummy water ice, of course!

why, hello veine-y belly...

Total Weight Gained/Loss? A gain of somewhere between 17-18lbs. And it's pretty much all there in my belly and my butt. Thanks, kid.

Maternity Clothes: Eh. I'm still on the fence about them. Spend a bazillion dollars on Heidi Klum's A Pea in the Pod line? I wish. I have a few mom-tops, basic solid color T's and three pairs of mom-jeans (Mavi skinnies, Seven bootleg and Motherhood Maternity skinnies that I adore. And those? Mixed in with some adorable non-maternity staples that I can't live without, pretty much make up my ensembles these days. Now that the warmer weather's been hanging around- I can get by with most of my super cute summer dresses. Bring on the heat, Mother Nature!

Sleep? Still pretty yucky. I'm pretty sure that soon enough either Hubs or I will need to move one of our heiney's into the guest bedroom. I'm not sure we can both still fit in our bed with all of the pillows I'm beginning to acquire just to get a few decent hours of sleep. Two beneath my head, one between my knees and one underneath my belly/bubbies. And did I mention that if I sleep on either my left side or right side too long- my shoulder, hip and hands start to go numb? Awesome.

Best Moment of the Week? Reaching 24 weeks and finding some reassurance in the fact that if Baby Boy were to make his arrival early, there's a pretty great chance he would survive (with the help of a Level III NICU and some pretty heroic measures, no doubt).

Movement? All the time. He's all over the place. One of the coolest things is being able to make out body parts now- whether it's his butt or his head I'm feeling. Or if he's jabbing me with hands or feet. He's the most active early in the mornings between 8am and 11am and again at night between 9pm and midnight. He LOVES to lay pressed up against the front of my ute, too. Not very comfortable, if I do say so myself.

Food Craving? This week? I thought I would die if I didn't have any soft serve with chocolate sprinkles.

Food aversions: No issues there. Come one, come all. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Gender? Daddy's little sport.

Belly Button? It just makes me laugh everytime I glance down at it. There's no hiding it. I may have to start using a Band-Aid so that I don't constantly have "turkey-thermometer belly button syndrome" through all of my t-shirts and tank-tops! And it's so doggone sensitive, too! Why is that?

What I miss? Not peeing a little every time I sneeze. Laugh. Cough. Run. Yep, I just said it.

What I'm looking forward to: a summer full of celebrations! Between our housewarming party, my little brother's high school graduation, my best friend's wedding and two baby showers, this summer is sure to be a blast!

Weekly Wisdom: TUMS are a pregnant girl's best friend. Fo' sho.

Milestones: We have lot's of crazy movement, we're all moved in, we've ordered our crib and glider/rocker combo, Mom can't walk into any department store and walk out without at least ONE adorable outfit for Baby Boy and we're viable! What a couple of weeks it's been!

Stay tuned for post overload this week.
I have LOT'S of catching up to do
and LOT'S of house pictures to share!
Boy, how I've missed you!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hides in the house in a too-small for-the-belly tank top :-) If it still fits my boobs, I say it's fair game.

  2. As usual, you look fab!! Congrats on viability, hope bebe keeps cookin'!

  3. I just love your blog. You write how I wish I wrote! I just love your quirkiness/wittiness/whatever-you-want-to-call-it! :)

    Isn't the movement amazing?! I'm kinda jealous - my belly button is flat flat flat. I always wanted it to stick out! :)

    Oh - where are you from? You say "water ice"!! That's a South Jersey/Philly thing! (which is where I'm from!)

    Congratulations on all the fabulousness that's been happening!

  4. My good god, you are ADORABLE!!! I love your belly :) :) Yay!!! Keep the posts comming--- I MISSED YOU!!

  5. Such exciting things coming your way! The time is sure to pass quickly :)

  6. Look how cute your belly is!! I cant wait to see more updates, xxooo

  7. You look great! You've had quite a busy month!

    I can't quite tell yet what is poking me - whether it is a foot or butt or what - but I can't wait to be able to tell. Lots of movement right now, but I want to know what body part it is!

    I love reading your baby updates and seeing how we are similar and different!

  8. So happy you're in the house and can now focus on getting settled. I can't imagine having no internet for that long! And wahoo for being viable!

  9. I can blog on my iphone, I know this because I do it while I sit in my college classes which I should be paying attention to but I don't!

  10. Look at that cute preggo belly! Love it!

  11. So glad you're back! You are looking fabulous and congratulations on all of the happenings in your life!! Can't wait to get all caught up!

  12. AP you look great!! Love the posts and can't wait to see more pics of your gorgeous house!

  13. what an adorable little bump you have! love all the updates!!! :)

  14. you look amazing!! and is it sad that while reading this i really missed being pregnant for a minute?!? they are so much easier to take care of in there!!

  15. The worst is when you go to the bathroom and then a minute later the baby shifts off the bladder and, without warning, out more comes. Just a warning! You look great.. enjoy it! It goes by really fast.

  16. It's official. I'm a creepster. I just saw this belly post / belly pic under your latest blog post where it says "you might like this post"... sort of thing and jumped on the opportunity to see another 23 (ish) week belly bump!

    I don't know if you were like this, but I'm so nervous that I'm either too small OR too big. Nice to see other bumps!

    Told you - I'm a weirdo! ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you guys (including sheepie!!!). xoxo.


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