Thursday, April 1, 2010

My New Life Anthem.

As Hubs and I drove away from the settlement on our new home, I quickly downloaded this song and plugged it into my car stereo. I'm not sure which was funnier- the look on Hubs' face when it started playing or his utter shock and amazement that a) I, your poof-wearing, used-to-frequent-tanning-beds, starts-to-talk-with-a-NY-accent-when-she's-around-her-friends, typical North Jersey girl knew this song existed or b) that I knew every single word to it.

We belly laughed and sang our hearts out- driving down the country roads to our new home.

Hope this video gives you the same little chuckle. For me? It's back to reigning in my new found country roots. Afterall, I now live south of the Mason-Dixon line! Holy smokes...


  1. Oh girl, I've known that song since I could talk! Imagine your parents actually being from West Virginia & how excited they get when they hear it.

    Glad you're adapting well!

  2. what? am i the only one who sang along the entire time?

    :) best

  3. I've definitely belted that one a few times. Miss you up here north of the M-D line.

  4. haha, my hub's family is all from wv...and he likes to play this song incessantly with a smirk on his face not-so-secretly hoping it'll make me want to live there


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