Monday, February 15, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream...

Early on, I told you all that this would not always be an "oooh, awww, how cute" pregnancy blog. Well, this is going to be one of those posts. The "un-oooh-awww" kind. We need to talk dreams. Assinine, crazy, "what-the-eff" pregnancy dreams. Mine started around week 8 and I haven't been able to shake them since. Let's recap a few of my favorites, shall we?!

First dream:

I stumble upon a sleeping lion in my backyard. He's slumped up against the corner of the fence and he's not just any lion. He's the gigantic lion from Narnia. I say to myself, "Hm, sleeping lions never hurt anyone! I want to pet him!" And as I reach my hand out to pet him, he wakes up, freaks out and begins to chase me around the neighborhood. COPS car-chase style. Over fences, through swimming pools (I know, I know. Pretty athletic for a pregnant lady) until I finally wake up. Random? Yes.

Second dream:

I'm perusing the goods at a local thriftstore. I come across a coin purse. It's made of tie-dyed fabric and has a beaded panda bear face on the front of it. I don't use a coin purse, but have recently found the need for one since my current bag as taken on a good 5-7 pounds in loose change weight. Intrigued to see how much said coin purse could hold, I open it. Much to my surprise, I find 400 dollars in it. What do I do? If you guessed pocket the money and purchase the purse, you're dead wrong. I insist on calling attention to my monetary find and refuse to take the money home, as "the money should really be donated to the thrift store." I actually said that to the cashier behind the desk. No joke.

Third dream:

Now, keep in mind, I never have dreams like this. I'm stranded on a tropical island. I'm wearing what looks like a shredded toga. I stumble upon what looks like an abandoned camp site. I practically trip over a sleeping Johnny Depp. And no, not any Johnny Depp. But Johnny Depp dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. We speak no words, but commence immediately in a lovemaking marathon that would put any porn video to shame. Am I serious with myself? This man was dressed as a pirate. Hat and braids and pirate costume and all. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

I find it mildly hilarious that in none of these dreams am I pregnant. None of these dreams include a baby. These are just some crazy-ass dreams.

In other news, I have a slew of backdated posts that I need finish. Weekly "bumpdates," (or updates from the bump, rather) as well as a few other "funny things my husband says," posts. Hubs and I are currently knee-deep in house business and between that and work and baby-ness, I'm finding less and less time to blog. Not to mention that my job tried to block blogger. What a travesty! But that lack of blogging will all change soon! I promise! We'll be closing on our new house at the end of this month and could use all the good juju and prayers you could muster for us! They're greatly appreciated! Happy Monday!


  1. My preggo dreams are crazy too. They are either really violent (several have had men with guns trying to kill me) or really graphic and sexual. But I haven't had any crazy baby dreams yet.

  2. I already have crazy dreams. Wonder what will happen when I am pregnant! Good luck on the house stuff! Looking forward to bumpdates!

  3. lol! did you recently watch pirates of the carribbean? and waking up from chasing dreams is so exhausting.

  4. That's cool that you remember your dreams though, I usually forget mine! xoe

  5. I'm super late with this but congratulations!!! So happy for you. :) I love the dreams, especially the pirate affair--HA! Hope things continue to go well with you throughout your pregnancy! :)

  6. I too have some crazy dreams already so that is rather worrying! Hate to think how they might get worse.
    Hope snow lessened for you or at least getting better xx

  7. Sending you good thoughts and happy dreams! Good luck with the house closing!

  8. haha! these are hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud at my desk about that Captain Jack one! That's awesome.

  9. The dreams have probably been the most entertaining part of pregnancy to a certain degree! Mine are all along the Johnny Depp dream you had. Seriously, I've become a pre-pubescent boy in my head during these last 8 months!


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