Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Bump Day; 16 Weeks, 1 Day.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up 6 from my weigh-in at 12 weeks. Total gained? Nine. I'm calling it, "my winter layer." It's okay though. I'm alright with that. However, can we take a moment and talk about bust size? Yay? Nay? Well, we're going to anyway. I've always had nice bubbies. I've always joked saying that I wanted to "upgrade them" from their little 34B, but my husband has always loved them regardless, so 34B they would stay. Welp. This past weekend I stopped by the local Main Line bridal boutique to be measured for my bridesmaid dress for my soon to be sister-in-love's wedding that's taking place in November. I'm sure you can imagine the sheer look of shock and surprise on my face when the lady told me that not only was my bust measuring a whopping 37.5" but with my plans to nurse, I should order the next dress size up with a bust measurement of 38.5". Say what, dress fitting lady?! Holy smokes!

Maternity Clothes: Sort of. When you spend most of your days in scrubs and most of your nights and weekends in black yoga pants- there's really no need. But I did splurge a bit on some new Spring wear from Old Navy Maternity. Killer sales last week. We're talking 7 shirts, 2 dresses and 1 pair of leggings for 106 dollars. Free shipping too. Boo-yah! (Too bad one-third of it fit me like a tent and was promptly returned via UPS. Le sigh.)

Sleep? I stayed awake until 10:30pm last night! Do you know how exciting that is?! Probably not, but let me tell you, it's awesome.

Best Moment of the Week? I'm not going to lie. I pretty much dopplar the belly every night before I go to sleep. Baby M's heart rate is consistently in the 150's!

Movement? Nada. Nothing. Not even a flutter. And I even tried the trick where you lay in the dark with a blanket over your belly. I'm feeling a whole lot of nothing.

Food Craving? Fresh fruit. And cereal. And randomly, a hot dog from Home Depot. Don't judge.

Food aversions: Grilled chicken. Red Meat. Burgers. Steaks. Pork ch-- (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little).

Morning sickness? Random bouts of nausea here and there. But definitely on it's way out.

Gender? I have an ultrasound scheduled for February 26th. I'll be one day shy of 17 weeks and I'm pretty much going to bring treats with me and bribe the ultrasound tech into telling me if she can catch a glimpse of Baby M's goods. Nurses love Dunkin Donut munchkins. I know from experience. And after my doctor's appointment on the 19th, she said I didn't even need the treats. I could just ask nicely.

Belly Button? So very out. Again, I can't help but mention that I'm starting with an outtie. And well, there's really no place else for it to go...

What I miss? It's beginning to get a little bit uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. And I luuurve me some sleeping on my stomach. I also really miss crunchy spicy tuna rolls. And boobs that don't hurt all. the. freaking. time. Oh, and being able to bend over and put my socks on without exerting a whole lot of energy.

What I'm looking forward to: Potentially finding out if Baby M will be sportin' blue or pink on February 26th!

Weekly Wisdom: Not feeling particularly wise this week... Sorry, readers!

Milestones: 16 weeks down, 24 to go! And the doctor said my belly is measuring a week ahead of schedule! Let's hope that doesn't mean Baby M is ginormous!


  1. You look great! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

  2. As to heal the sore boobs? Reign them in all.the.time. If not in a regular bra, I then change into a sports bra and sleep in that. Definitely the cure!!

  3. What an adorable bump!

    All I have to say is... Home Depot serves hot dogs? What? Who knew?

  4. you look AWESOME :)

    and don't worry...the flutters or 'popcorn' kicks will come...they will be down right above your va-jj (practically) and almost feel like popcorn IS the baby, not gas. I promise.

    Or you'll feel a swoosh here and there...again...the baby. I never got that "flutter" was different. I'll give it about...2 weeks and you'll be feeling something. REAL kicks will be after your 20 week I bet...

    Have fun and hope you get the money shot soon :)

  5. I think I'm the lone pregnant woman in the blogosphere with no real bump yet! Yours is so cute! Le sigh...perhaps one day I will actually look pregnant!

  6. As soon as I went into labor with Little M my first comment to my husband was "I get to sleep on my stomach tonight!" haha

  7. You my dear, are adorable!
    i love your bump!
    i think you've inspired me to do some bump pics of my own :)

    i didnt know what angle to take them from,but yours look great!

    i've got my fingers crossed for you guys to find out soon!


  8. Isn't that little heartbeat the SWEETEST sound? I bougt a ton of stuff at Old Navy, too...apparently it runs about2 sizes too big :-(

  9. You seriously look adorable! The bump is so cute!!

    Can't believe you are already 16 weeks!!

    There is an award for you on my blog :)

  10. so adorable. btw ... i have an outtie belly button too. ill be interested to see what yours turns into so i know what to expect. :)

  11. Your socks predicament makes me really want to get pregnant in like January, so I can just throw flops on by the time I get big! And my sister went from a 34C before she was preggers to a E cup all 3 times she got pregnant. It makes me scared - I'm already starting off at a DD! I might just have to wear a backpack filled with weights to balance me out, haha. Your baby belly is too cute, and I can' believe you can still sleep on your belly at all!

    Good luck at the Dr. this week!!

  12. Look how adorable you are!! You'll feel that movement soon enough girl.. Just know, it's not gas! And the boobs.. mine still hurt. At 33 weeks so.. I wish I had some better advice on that!

    Hope you get to find out soon! Do you have any feeling as to what you're having?

  13. You are looking so great sweetie!!! And you have to tell me about this trick with the dark and the blanket - I don't know about this!

    I'm so bummed you had to return lots of the Old Navy things. I need to order some stuff from there but just keep putting it off. Sometimes the reviews are confusing. I did get a few things from Ann Taylor Loft and have been really impressed. Anything to stay away from Motherhood Maternity... I just can't do it!

    I'm so excited they are going to take a peek for the gender so soon! My dr. office is full of sticklers and they only do 2 u/s if everything is going well and you are low-risk (which I am) so we haven't even seen the little bean yet! :(

    I hope you and the sweet baby have a great week!!! xoxo

  14. Looking great! Seems so weird to tell some you do not know how happy you are for them, but after reading your posts, well...congratulations! Enjoy every moment of your journey!

  15. How did I miss this?! I hate not being up-to-speed on my blogroll. Congrats!

    For the record, I didn't feel Baby H.I.T. until 21 weeks and then she wouldn't stop moving! It's not a flutter - they lie. I kept waiting for butterflies. Never happened. It's more like an eye twitch, just in your stomach.

    You look great! Love the bump. Can't wait to hear more.

  16. Seriously! You have the cutest bump ever!!!!

  17. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! I've been behind and missed your news somehow!


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