Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Seen My Sheepie?

With all of this baby talk going on, one would almost think that we've forgotten our first "baby," Sullivan! Fortunately, for his sake, that will never be the case, even though Hubs jokes about changing his name to "Distant Memory." He's continues to be the most spoiled Sheepdog this side of the pond!

For those of you going through Sheepie-withdrawal, here are just a few pictures taken by our very fabulous and absolute favorite dog walker while on her usual jaunt with him this past Monday.

Sheepie with a "snow-stache"

Typical Sheepie-ism. Rolling in the snow.


  1. soooo adorable! I think Thunder loves the snow... but only for a little while until his paws are cold! xxxoo

  2. yay Sullivan!! I was starting to have withdrawals without his cuteness!!

  3. sully is ADORABLE. and honestly, he he a very photogenic pup!

  4. so cute! my dog is black and i love seeing him stick out in the snow! stay warm! xoe

  5. Looks like Wrigley in the snow. Too cute! Makes me want a sheepie without the size :)


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