Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day.. Er, Rather Bump Day?

"Why are you seeing bump pictures for the first time this week," might you be asking? Well, the answer is simple. For the last 13 weeks and 4 days, there hasn't been a bump. There's been a lot of bloating and a little bit of food baby, but certainly no definable baby bump. Until this week. For reals. Everyone at work is saying, "you've popped!" And although that makes me sound and feel like a giant piece of Orville Redenbacher (with extra butter, I might add) I do believe they are telling the truth. Because there most definitely is a little sumthin' sumthin' going on down there. A little sumthin' sumthin' that doesn't go away when I make a meager attempt to suck it all in. Well, sure. Go ahead and see for yourself.
AP's 13 week Baby Bump

I freakin' love it. Granted, it's still in that awkward stage where those who are out-of-the-baby-loop find themselves staring uncomfortably at my midsection debating over whether or not I'm expecting or if I've just eaten a Double Baconator from the fast food joint down the road. But it's there. The beginnings of the much sought-after baby bump.

13 weeks, 4 days - Pretty soon I'll remember to do these on the same day each week.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up the same 3 from last week

Maternity Clothes: Soon. But not yet. I have broken out those maternity Citizens that I talked about in this post but they're still too big and I don't quite have the belly needed to fill the bellyband yet. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the maternity wear out there basically looks like a potato sack with an empire/babydoll wasit and some sort of polkadot/stripe pattern with a ribbon placed somewhere strategically on it? Gee, I can't wait.

Sleep? Yes, please. All the time. Waiting for the much talked about sudden burst of energy. Any day now...

Best Moment of the Week? Splurging on the fetal dopplar (that Hubs didn't know about until he read it on this blog, I'm sure. Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!!) and listening to Baby M's heartbeat every single night when I get home from work. I'm that obsessed. I admit it.

Movement? Nada.

Food Craving? I'm all over the place. Love me some fresh fruit recently. Strawberries, grapes and pears!!

Food aversions: The thought of red meat still makes me want to vom.

Morning sickness? Still around from day to day. Mostly right after breakfast and right before going to bed. Just nausea. No vomiting. Thank God.

Gender? I've been feeling girl ever since the beginning, but it's most likely due to the fact that deep down, I really really want to have a baby girl. Really. Girls at work think girl (since my looks have well, been a little worse for wear the last few weeks) but Hubs and my Father in Law apparently made some sort of deal with the Big Guy that it has to be a boy. And my Mom and Dad? Just want it to be happy and healthy.

Labor Signs? Ask me in July/August. From here on out I'm deleting this irrelevant question.

Belly Button? Oh geez. It's an outtie to begin with. And it's already a little more out. And the belly ring? It has got to go. Like, yesterday.

What I miss? Feeling like myself. It's been a rough couple of weeks, what with house-buying and a recent family emergency, and being pregnant certainly hasn't helped any. I just don't feel like me. I don't really look like me, either. I pretty much think I look like an overtired, super cranky homeless lady. But Hubs still says I'm the sexiest woman he's ever laid eyes on. Even sexier now with this baby growing inside of me. But I'm pretty sure in the Handbook, it says he's supposed to say those things. Some sort of husbandly pact.

What I'm looking forward to: Findout out the sex of Baby M. Hopefully within the next month!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't wish away the early days. I always said that it felt like weeks 3 through 12 moved insanely slow, but I can already feel the days starting to pick up. And I don't want to wish the next six months away! I want to enjoy it!

Milestones: Making it safely and healthily into the second trimester!


  1. umm, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!! Love the bump! And I'm throwing my guess out there as a girl too! I got that burst of energy closer to 5 months. Hope yours comes soon!

  2. You have to read my post today to see what someone said to me about how I look.

    We had an appointment on Tuesday, and the doc had a hard time finding the heart beat (yikes!) but he eventually did. Going strong at 159. He also told me I should gain one pound a week from here on out. I think I can do that!

  3. whoa my gosh what a cute little baby bump!! I say girl too :)

  4. awww, you're finally sporting a very wittle wittle bump and you are just adorable!!

  5. You definitely have a bump! Very cute:)

  6. Awww you look so cute!! The little bump suits you! :) So exciting!

  7. ahhhh STOP IT, you have a bump! Soooooo excited for you two!

  8. I am 22 weeks and haven't hit up any maternity clothes yet. Close to needing the Bella Band. However, I am finding basic shirts from Gap and Old Navy and accessorizing with scarves and fun necklaces. Keeps me away from the shirts that tie and the horrible prints. You look great!

  9. Ahhh! So exciting. I LOVE the bump :)

  10. yay for belly pics!! it's so cute!!! and yea.. don't wish the early days away because at the end you'll be pining for the days you still were small enough to do things!

    and i agree on the maternity clothes. ugh.

  11. I hope I crave fruit when I'm preggo! Somehow I have the feeling my cravings will come in the form of pizza and ice cream. And burritos :/

  12. I love it, because I remember being that tiny and thinking that I also popped. But, at 22-25 weeks you will go, "HOLY COW I WAS SO TINY!!!"...thats what I do now, and kind of cry a little, too. hahahaha.

    You have two "pops"...this early one and the later'll see. You'll be super cute.

    I love husbands who affirm how sexxxayy we are pregnant...makes you feel SO good when you get to the point you're moaning and groaning just going to the bathroom at night, or getting out of bed sore.

    Oh and for the record, I'm totally thinking GIRL for you too. :)

  13. YAY!!! Awesome bump, AP! I'm totally with you on the fruit - I've been living on strawberries and pineapple for the last 5 months...

  14. such a precious wee bump! Cant wait for more preggo posts!

  15. What an adorable bump!!!

  16. Your bump is too cute! And I will wish for a girl as well because I'm not even pregnant and already wishing for a girl as well!

  17. Ohmygosh you look so adorable. What a perfect little bump. Glad you're doing well and can't wait to see the bump progression :)

  18. PS - I know it's just for fun, but have you done the Chinese Calendar gender predictor?


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