Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've Been Tagged!

No, not you. Me. I've been tagged. (Thanks fellow blogger, Aliya!) Apologies for posting late, as I've had these questions sitting in my back pocket for over a week now!

And now I'm supposed to impart 7 Random Facts about myself. (This has proven to be much more difficult than it seems!)

7. I've been playing the drums since I was in the 5th grade. Actually, I started off playing only the bass drum (you know, the giant drum that often sits on a stand that you beat with a large mallet?) I then graduated to the snare drum which I wore, harnessed to myself, for a church Christmas Pageant one year. Believe it or not I walked down the center aisle of the church to the Little Drummer Boy. (Sometimes I wish I was kidding). Eventually I put it all together and can jam like a rockstar on the Pearl drumset that sits in the basement of my parent's house.

6. I am a junk-food whore. Sometimes I wish I could fore-go real meals and substitue them with tasty things such as mint chocolate chip ice cream and watermelon sour patch candy. I do not discriminate, either. Any type of junk food will do! (And to think I've only had four cavities in my entire lifetime...)

5. The first concert I ever attended was outdoors and it was James Taylor. The only thing I remember about it, is my Popples sleeping bag that I sat on. I was four years old. The second concert I attended was New Kids on the Block and while standing on the flip-up theatre seats, my leg got stuck and nobody could get it out. That's all I really remember about that concert. I was in the second grade.

4. I once won a national medal in competitive figure skating, but quit soon after because I couldn't stand feeling cold all of the time.

3. I've always wanted to be a nurse. Except for a short stint in the fifth grade when I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. People.. animals.. you say potato, I say po-taht-o. And even though my job sometimes sends me home in tears, I wouldn't change it for the world.

2. Although born a brunette, I've spent more years of my life as a blonde and even in my dreams, I've always had blonde hair. It is true, blondes do have more fun (and get more free things, like slices of pizza, movie tickets, cups of coffee at Starbucks, etc.) than brunettes.

1. Both my underwear and sock drawers are organized by color AND arranged by size/type. (ie: underwear is separated by type, whether it be boy shorts, thongs or "work" underwear and further separated by color and/or pattern. The same goes for socks (ie: sport socks, dress socks, "work" socks) and again, balled up into rows of distinguishing color. It's a good thing I have large drawers. Did I mention my closet? You guessed it. Organized by clothing item and color. Black, navy (and other blues), grey, khaki/creme/beige, white, pink, and finally green(s). I guess you can say I have a mild-grade of OCD! However, look at my shoe rack and I'm a disaster! Since I have been unable to find a rack large enough to accomodate my ever-growing addiction, my shoes are spilling out all over the place! (Oops!)

Ok, now I am supposed to tag several other fellow "bloggers/blogettes" so that we can get to know a little more about you! Here goes:

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