Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pet Peeves. Scratch that, People Peeves.

My work schedule varies and I despise public transportation. Therefore, I am a glutton for gridlock punishment. I do not love the hour long commute that I have in the mornings before work and I especially do not love the hour and a half that it takes for me to drive home some evenings. However, there are times that I do appreciate the alone time and rocking out in my car to the latest hits.

Want to know one thing that REALLY bugs me?

People that drive up to the head of a long line of traffic and chisel their way in. While I’d be willing to give the allowance for people who are honestly trying to catch a flight, or get a family member to the hospital, most of them just do it because they feel their time is more valuable than everyone else’s, and they feel reasonably confident they can get away with it without consequences.

Right, like the other 13 cars lined up at the red light haven't been sitting for seven minutes waiting to make a right turn.


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