Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wii (un)Fit

Wii Fit, where fun meets fitness (and a whole lot of sore muscles).

Hubs does not want for much, so when he started asking for a Nintendo Wii, I knew it would be the perfect birthday present. Okay, so I might have tripped up an old lady with a cane and trampled a few pre-teen gamers to secure what must have been the last available Wii in Pennsylvania- but I only did so out of love for my wonderful husband. The Wii, purchased in September, quickly took the place of Hub's college graduation present, a "that's-so-2004" XBOX and provided the M household with countless hours of entertainment. Whether it be a Friday night filled with friends, beers and bowling or a weeknight battle of old-school Mario Bros, we've enjoyed every minute.

And then I decided I wanted a Wii Fit.

Hubs came through this Christmas with the entire Wii Fit package, complete with an "on-the-go" carrying case, Wii Fit water bottle and workouts galore. Whether you're interested in strength training, balance exercises, yoga poses or muscle workouts, Wii Fit has it all. (The only thing it's lacking is a boot to kick your butt in gear when you don't feel like working out!)

I've never been much of a fan of the gym so I thought this would be a great way to stay, well... fit. (Don't get me wrong. I don't plan to substitue healthy eating habits and a good run here and there with a video game sytem promising "a healthly alternative to that dull workout routine,") but how could I pass up "Fun and Fitness in One Single Product?!" Sounds like a great time, if you ask me!

That is, until I came face to face with the Hula Hoop game.

Me: Wow, my sides are so sore.

Hubs: Did you pull something at work?

Me: No. I think it's from the Wii.

Hubs: Seriously? What were you doing?

Me: I hula-hooped for a good 20 minutes. I even unlocked "Super Hula-Hoop!"

Hubs: (trying to stifle his laughter) Wait, you're saying you're sore from hula-hooping?

Me: It's a good core workout!

Hubs: Aww, did you hurt your hula muscle?

Funny, Hubs. I'd like to see you hula hoop for 379 spins and then we'll see who's laughing!

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  1. Follow you on Instagram from OurLoveNest and just got to read your blog. Decided to start at the beginning because it explains the blog more... I just read this one and literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD. This is definitely something my husband would say. And I have to agree "Hula Hooping" on the WII is tough!


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