Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lassie or Sullivan?

Sullivan barks. A lot. But only in response to certain questions. And it's a different bark depending on said question. For example, his "Hurry up, I need to pee" bark is far different from his "I know you're really busy but I really want to play" bark. Picture the following scenario:

It's 7:30am and in his usual fashion, Sullivan is paws-up on my side of the bed barking in my ear to let me know that he can't possibly hold it any longer and that it's time to take him out. In an attempt to obtain an extra 15 minutes of sleep, I tell him to go bother Dad. Being the intelligent Sheepie that he is, Sullivan trots around to Hub's side of the bed and begins his rant.

Now, in order to discern that which he wants, we usually have to ask him the follow questions.

"Do you have to go out?"

"Are you hungry?"

"Do you have to go poops?"

(And sometimes we continue to ask the appropriate question just to hear him bark- which by then has become a string of annoyed yip-yaps and howls.)

Mike: Sully, what do you want? Out?
Sully: Bark, Bark, Woof.
Mike: Poops?
Sully: Bark, Bark, Bark.
Mike: Ok, are you hungry?
Sully: (tired, frustrated and on the brink of bladder explosion) Bark, Bark, Bark. Bark.
Mike: Ohmygod, He's in the well?
Sully: (totally freaking out, trying to pull the covers off the bed)
Mike: Little Timmy's in the well? For TWO hours?
Sully: (howling)
Mike: And little Janey is there, too? Well, go get them!

(I'm blogging from work (gasp!) and I have to stifle the laughter.) It's never a dull moment in the M household.

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