Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to Married Life.

And spending your perfectly good Saturday perusing the (often intimidating) aisles of Home Depot.

Having recently graduated from apartment living to home living, I've suddenly realized that Hubs and I spend a majority of our Saturdays at Home Depot, Lowe's, or some other Brand-Of-Home-Improvement type store. And no, not HomeGoods, which I could definitely and would definitely not mind spending every Saturday in.

This Saturday Hubs and I were on the lookout for a countertop. Anyone in their right mind would guess that we're looking to install said countertop in the kitchen, right? Wrong. Hub's latest brilliant idea was to install the countertop as a desk in the office. I know, I know. It sounds crazy, but having witnessed the final product, I can say with 100% certainty that it looks pretty damn good (although it does lack much needed drawer space).

It doesn't take long for Hubs and I to pick out the perfect shade of laminate, only because Hubs turfed the decision to me, knowing full well that I'd had the perfect shade picked out in my head before we even set foot in the store. (He's good, isn't he?)

Having learned in the past to come fully prepared to these sorts of places (at-home measurements in the pocket and tape measure in-hand) Hubs set to measuring the perfect pseudo-desktop. We knew we'd have to have the countertop cut to size and assumed that Home Depot would be able to do it for us. Isn't that what they're there for "You Can Do It, We Can Help!?" Well, not-so-much. For the record, Home Depot will not help you re-size your laminate countertop.

[Enter the Hunt for the Great Circular Saw]

That's right. In all his Tim-Allen-Home-Improvement-Argh-Argh-Argh glory, Hubs is beside himself now that he has an excuse to buy a disaster. Err, I mean table saw. I can picture it now.. a late night trip to the emergency room, fingers in a zippy (ziplock baggy). Why do men love power tools so much?!

Scratch that thought. I thought for a moment it was sort of like my love affair with JCREW and unneccesary shoes- but it's not like you can wear your circular saw out to dinner on the weekend. I mean, really. Power tools? Men are SO weird.

Of course we had to splurge and buy the cordless version for an extra one hundred dollars. In my head I'm thinking "so, does this mean more stipend for moi?" I didn't have the heart to ask. Instead, I was too busy asking what one would use a "planer" for. Or perhaps, a "lopper." Yes, these are real names of items found in Home Depot. I kid you, not.

In an effort to appease (so that I would not feel left out) Hubs bought me a label maker. So here we were, two twenty-something newlyweds at home on a Saturday evening; Hubs in the driveway sawing whatever he could get his hands on and me, in the kitchen, labeling our spices in the indiscriminate spice rack (that did not come with spices, might I add).

Oh and I might have labeled the dog.

And the coat rack hooks.

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard with the label maker. Welcome to married life.


  1. This is exactly what I went through three years ago when my husband and I bought our condo.. Home Depot and Lowe's were our favorite date spots.. Good luck!!!

  2. yes, welcome to married life! that was so us a few years ago when we bought our house.

    AND, one of my friends gave me a label maker for my 26th b-day last weekend. i've gone crazy with it!


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