Monday, July 16, 2012

JCrew Bubble Necklace but BETTER on GroopDealz!

Each day as I log into Twitter, I noticed more and more of my "tweeps" announcing that they are patiently waiting for their "look-a-like JCrew bubble necklace" to ship all the way from China. 

I wanted to quickly pop in and make sure you all know about the incredible sale that GroopDealz is currently having on twelve, yes TWELVE, different colors of the "infamous bubble necklace!" 

At just $19.99, these necklaces are an absolute steal and there's no waiting on lengthy ship times from halfway across the world!

Needless to say, I cannot wait for my navy bubble necklace to arrive!

Happy Shopping, Loyals and happiest of Mondays to you!


  1. Unfortunately even thought this is a swoonable necklace, I don't think it will work with my body type.. a hich bossum with not much space above the 'shelf'.

  2. AP, you are a GOD SEND! My turquoise one is on the way. Happy days!

  3. YES. FINALLY. I'll be purchasing the turquoise one immediately. Thank you x1000000000000000000, AP! :)

  4. They are too cute, the navy is my favorite!

  5. Super cute! I ordered the address labels from the site, so cute! Thanks for the intro!

  6. Hi AP,

    Long time reader here, and I always love your posts. I;m just curious to know if you're up to speed on the drama behind GroopDealz and this necklace. The short story is that it seems to have been a scam. Check out their facebook - most of us haven't gotten our necklaces and are being ignored by the company!
    Just wanted to make you aware. I'm not sure if this was a sponsored post or not but I'd think twice before promoting them! You have such a great reputation!


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