Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Greatest Sippy Ever

Over the weekend, a fellow Instagram mama saw this picture of the boys and inquired as to what kind of sippy Carter used and how we made the transition from bottle to said sippy. It was then that I realized I never really documented The Great Sippy Switch of 2011 and wanted to take some time to share it with you now.

Believe me, it's a doozy!

As Carter neared the 12 month mark, I knew it was time to begin thinking about the transition from formula to whole milk as well as the transition from bottle to sippy cup. As a matter of fact, I believe we began giving him whole milk around 11 months after we had been given the green light from the pediatrician. 

If you've been reading long enough, you know that C has always been off the charts in terms of height and weight and it was because of his growth that we were given the OK to start whole milk early. 

For a couple of months prior to the 12 month mark, Carter has been drinking juice and water from cups with straws without an issue. Since I garner most of my parenting tips from Twitter (har har har.. I'm not really kidding) I remember seeing in passing something about how cups with straws were preferred over regular spout sippies because they strengthened specific mouth muscles that were keen for verbal development. 

I assumed (we both know what happens when you assume things) that one day I could just pour Carter's standard serving of milk into one of these straw cups and call it a day. Needless to say, the joke was on me. He wouldn't touch that milk with a 10 foot pole. In fact, I'm almost certain, if left to starve, that he still wouldn't drink the milk from a straw cup. 

And so began the Great Sippy Hunt of 2011. I immediately drove to the nearest Toys R' Us and picked up no less than 4 different types of sippy cups. Avent, Tommy Tippee, Munchkin and Nuby just to name a few. 

Over the course of the day, I filled each of them with milk and watched with baited breath to see which would be the lucky winner. 

Well, let's just say there was no winner. And believe me, I tried. And tried. And tried. 

Carter refused to drink milk from the sippies. He much preferred his milk in a bottle and already feeling defeated, I turned, once again, to Twitter and sent out a Sippy SOS. 

Thankfully one of the moms with a little boy just a couple of months older than Carter had recently battled the same sippy demon. She suggested we try the Nuk Active Cup and mentioned that, with its silicone nipple, it was much like drinking from a bottle and that Carter would be none the wiser. 

Within minutes I was online ordering the aforementioned sippy cup. While researching similar sippy cups offered by Nuk, I came across the smaller "learner cups" and snagged a few of those as well- same silicone nipple, smaller cup size.

Ding, ding, ding! Finally, a winning sippy. 

Nearly twelve months later, Carter still drinks his morning milk from the Nuk Active sippy. 

And the million dollar questions is, "Will Carter drink milk from a straw cup?" 

And the answer is a big, fat resounding NO. If given his milk in a regular open cup? He'll slurp it down no problem- but if I try to sneak it into a straw cup for a car ride and/or errand run? Forget it. 

Some things never change, I guess. Toddlers. Hmph.

So there you have it. The Great Sippy Switch of 2011. Hope this helps!


  1. That is just too funny! I think that we had an issue finding the sippy of choice too! :-)

  2. My son is the same way with milk and I thought he'd be drinking from a bottle forever. The nuk active cup is literally the only sippy that he will drink milk from.

  3. Those are the same ones I have for Hadley. She refused a Tommee Tippee, and the Nuby ones. I have a friend who uses the same big Nuk ones and all she could find was the pink ones....for her son. Ha!

  4. Yup. These are Kitty's fave, too. Her Camelbak is a battle that has only recently shown ANY signs I might that she's TWO! But she's a NUK girl all the way - pacis & sippies!

  5. Too funny! We should own stock in Sippy Cups because we have tried THEM ALL! Now? he'll drink out of just about anything.

  6. Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier -- amazon is getting an order from me today. Lyle is almost 11 months and hates all things sippy related so let's hope he's a fan of this one! #APFTW

  7. I'm having the same problem myself (which is why B is still using bottles at 16 months. :::hangs head in shame:::) It just hasn't been worth the battle, and I'd rather her get her milk because she LOVES it.

    Anyways...I'm off to buy this sippy now. Thanks, mama! :)

  8. LOVE this cup. Actually, I have it on reserve since we're still using the learner cup. I love that all the parts are interchangeable. My coworker introduced me to this, and I ordered from Amazon. I've also found these in Target and at Walgreens. Yay for good sippy cups (and believe me, we have one of every single kind... this is the only "winner")

  9. Thanks so much for writing this post. After buying 7 different sippies from various brands, I have now ordered this sippy. Lets just hope my 16 months old likes it.

    Thanks again. Aditi28

  10. My kid drinks TOO much milk. That is all he ever wants. I have limited him to one in the morning and one at night and sometimes one during the day. But seriously the fits he throws for a glass of freaking milk are ridiculous. All that to say, he doesn't give a poop about what glass his milk is in as long as he gets his darn milk. LOL! And he is 2.5 years old.

  11. First, I love your blog! I can relate to so many of your posts. And this one could not have come at a better time! My daughter will be 12 months in 2 weeks & wants nothing to do with the sippy cups except chew on the handles. I'm going to look into the Nuk & hope our transition goes well. Thanks!!!!

  12. Mackenzie refuses to lift her cups!! I think I've bought 10 different sippy cups till we found a few straw ones that she likes. Thankfully switching to whole milk from a cup has been harder on me than her. :o)

    Who knew cups would be so hard to find. :)

  13. Couldn't agree more with your!! I love this zippy cup!!!

  14. Couldn't agree more! I love this sippy cup!!

  15. We're currently into the transitional bottle looking one.....and have been for months.

  16. Ok I think you're a mind reader because I needed some recs on sippys for Quinn. Added to the shopping list.

  17. I have the same cups for my twin boys. They are are great. Be happy that your son will take the clear top. My boys REFUSE anything other than the color ones that NUK was previously offering and the only way to get the green and blue (colors of choice) are to make an order through Amazon and they do not let you pick the colors. Last December, I got lucky and hit the color jackpot with 2 blue and 1 green. The things we go through and have to worry about :)

  18. You know what pisses me off? When Connor bites the tip of the top and ruins the spill-free part of it and dumps the milk everywhere to "make a mess". Since I haven't found any replaceable tops for the Nuk sippy cheaper than just buying a new cup, Connor gets the cheap ass $2 cups. Silly kids.

  19. Thank you for sharing! We are trying so desperately to move J from babas to sippies, and so far he's really not taking to them. We've tried Nuby, but I haven't branched out. I'm gonna run out right now and pick one of these up!


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