Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Being A Mom Of Two :: A Guest Post

I'm Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale, and SO happy to be here guest posting on I Love You More Than Carrots. Why? Because that means that AP has had her baby!!! YAY and contrats to you Mama!

I am also a mama of two amazing boys. My oldest, Bennett- is almost 2 1/2. And my littlest, Easton- is only 2 months old. Hope you don't mind me telling a little story through Instagram photos. :)

One of the biggest concerns I had when I was pregnant with baby #2 was "How am I going to handle two small kids?" But the even bigger question was that my heart was already so full of love for my first born, how could I possibly have room to love another baby as much?? It's actually a scary, and very real thought that I'm sure, crosses many mom-to-be's minds that already have a little one at home. I was so used to spending ALL of my time, every waking moment with Bennett, that's all I knew.

But holy cow, I was excited when I found out we were having another boy!!! YAY! All the fun brother things started racing through my mind... baseball games, park dates, picnics, basketball hoops, swimming, playing trucks... you know, the good stuff. Right then, I could already feel my heart start to expand.

Fast forward to when baby #2 was born.

I loved him instantly and realized that a heart never gets too full of love, it just grows and grows. It will continue to expand and make room as much as it needs to. The love I felt for Easton was already as strong as the love I had for Bennett. 

But I won't lie, being a Mom of two is tough sometimes. Between the toddler kisses and baby cuddles, there are times when you feel like the world is caving in and you just want to scream... kinda like this:

Just looking at this picture of those two stresses you out, right?? It's not always roses and other yummy smelling things like a lot of bloggers might make it look like. It can be overwhelming and extremely exhausting. The hard days are long.

But the good days? The days like this:

They remind you that every tantrum, every sleepless night... it's all worth it. My kids (and husband, of course, he's amazing!) are my entire life. They are the biggest blessings I will ever receive. Watching my boys start to bond and get to know each other, is truly incredible. Being a mama of two has already brought me so much joy, and I'm looking forward to watching them grow and become best friends.

AP, I can't wait follow along your journey as a new mom of two. You will absolutely love it!


  1. I already loved this blog and reading about being a mama to two just solidifies it. Love the honesty. And the boys are so adorable! ILYMTC Can't wait to hear what you think about expanding the fam!

  2. Wonderful post on being a mama of two!

  3. Thank you for this post! We are expecting our 2nd in a month, and I'm going through that "I'm scared---how am I going to do it and love another baby as much as my first" phase. So this was encouraging to hear. Great post!

  4. Your boys are so adorable! Great post. The transition is really tricky, but having two is just the best!


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