Friday, October 8, 2010

Did You Say It's The Weekend?!

i think i look forward to the weekends
more so now than i did
when i was working full time as a nurse.

thank goodness it's friday.

happy weekend!


  1. I can totally imagine that feeling! Carter is so cute!

  2. Oh that look on his face!!! So cute! lol

  3. omg--I count down til Friday because that means the hubby is home, which means a) more naps for mommy b) a shower lasting longer than 5 minutes c) company for the wee hours of the morning when Carsyn's got the big eye


    enjoy your weekend!

  4. Have a great weekend as well! Your little rascal is so cute :)

  5. I'm the same way! I can't wait to get some sweet relief from diaper duty!

  6. you have an extra special little person to share the weekend with now!! ;)

  7. Aaah Ashley, you gave me CHILLS!!! You amazing woman you !! Can't wait for you to see tomorrow. We did a day after session and it ROCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!
    I might fall on the floor when I see these and I think I might be able to hear you hit the floor too hahah
    Can't wait to hear what you think!!



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