Monday, November 23, 2009

Marital Musings on Gchat and Why Pet Insurance is a Good Idea.

Here's an email I received from Hubs this morning, after what we thought was going to be a routine annual vet visit for Sullivan. Note, our one year old Olde English Sheepdog had an elevated kidney lab value.

To: Wifey
From: Hubs
Subject: Sullivan Needs a Job

Ok, so his belly (and most of the way up his sides) is shaved bare and he's passed out snoring on the carpet, completely unaware that this simple trip to the vet cost us the following:

310 - Ultrasound
95 - Cbc and SuperChem panel
69 - Urine protein/Creatinine ratio
110 - Leptospirosis culture
109 - Urinalysis
40 - Blood culture (Anaerobic)
61 - Amoxicillin (Side effects are Nausea and Vomiting... Awesome!)
52 - Annual routine exam fee
22 - Rabies shot
47 - Pre-op bloodwork
24 - DhP Booster shot
26 - Heartworm Antigen test

Grand Total: 917 dollars.

There was no, "I Love You" or "Don't worry he's fine, I promise I won't put him down and not tell you." Hubs simply left it at that.

We followed up shortly after with the following gChat conversation:

Mike: Well, I think we'll wait to see what these test results show and then maybe get him some insurance for the future. Seriously, his medical bills this year cost more than my yearly medical insurance!

Me: But he's really cute.

[Enter miniature Hubs meltdown]

Mike: I don't know what to do! How are we ever going to afford a house with all of our expenses? What if we had a 3k mortgage payment due this Friday?

Me: Honey, if everyone else can manage? I think you and I will be fine. I'll stop spending so much time at JCREW. Maybe we need a townhouse and have to stop looking at such big single family homes. You know, THIS IS NOT CRAZY! This is what happens when you own a big dog. Big dogs = big money.

Mike: I am just venting. This isn't about Sullivan.

Me: Poor Sheepie :(

Mike: He cost me my flatscreen, your Yurman and our vacation to Greece. And all he can do is lay here and show off his shaved peenie.

[For those of you that don't know, we refer to Sullivan's boyhood as a "peenie.]

Me: Um, you said peenie on Gchat. I almost spit soda out of my nose.

Mike: Oh, and we're eating Ramen noodles and Saltines for the next 4 months.

Me: Can I atleast get some peanut butter to go with my saltines?

As far as we know, Sullivan might have a kidney infection. Although he's showing no symptoms and he's still the goofiest, most loveable Sheepie in the entire universe, we're going to treat his likely infection with an antibiotic and wait for some of his cultures to come back. And I may or may not need to find myself a second job...

Please keep him in your puppy prayers!!


  1. Poor puppy! I feel your pain. little dogs = big vet bills too. I have quit paying adding up my epilepic dog's bills becuase I don't even want to know all of the cool stuff I could have bought instead of blood tests, urine cultures, and all that other fun vet stuff.

    Here's hoping he pays you back in kisses & sunggles :-)

  2. Ouch! That pet insurance sounds like a good idea. We have a small dog (a Westie), and last year he cost us about $600 in emergency vet bills, not including his annual stuff. That was a lot for us and we seriously considered getting insurance after that. Hope he feels better, soon!

  3. Awww! Poor Sullivan!! :( I hope he feels better really soon!

    I know what you mean about vets being expensive. Two years ago a stray kitten came to my house. He was sick, I felt sorry for him and I took him to the vet. $500 later, I decided that the sick, stray kitten should probably hang around for a while since he just cost me the new sunglasses I'd been eyeing! haha. :)

  4. OH MY GOSH! I almost had a heart attack when I read the amount!

    and holy cow...a 3k mortgage is expensive...I'll stick to my townhouse for now. It's plenty roomy enough for us.

    But, I know our area is SUPER pricey.

    Have fun eating saltines my dear ;)

  5. heart cant handle that dog!

  6. yeahhh 3K in doggy knee surgery later...we looked into pet insurance, but it really doesn't cover much :(

    And we refer to King Arthur's boy parts as his "weenis". Our future human children are totally screwed having us as parents hahah!

  7. Lots and lots of puppy prayers for your Sheepie... and I love that his manhood is referred to as a "peenie." That just makes me laugh.

    But really... I will say a prayer for Sullivan every night until I know he's okay.

  8. I hope Sullivan is better very soon! Prayers for your sweet puppy!

  9. I'm laughing (and relieved) that you and your Hubs have similar conversations (read: meltdowns) as we do. I'm sending big prayers your way for a speedy (and cheap) recovery for Sullivan!

  10. PS - we take our puppies to Banfield, inside Petsmart. It's a monthly charge of around $35/each, but it includes their annual exam and teeth cleaning. And any other tests/visits are on an 80/20 type plan. It works for us!

  11. Aww poor thing! Your conversation with your hubs cracked me up though!

  12. I will definitely keep Sullivan in my prayers. I have had my doggy since May, and he she has cost us about $600 in medical bills. However, I was ripped off a few times by vets, and I have a wee bit of hypochondriac when it comes to her! I bet Sullivan did not need all of this!! Plus, all those prices look VERY high to me! Not sure where you live (Because Vets can charge more in different locations), but this is VERY high for what was done! I have found that vets take advantage of people who LOVE their babies so much they are willing to spend a lot To keep them healthy. I am just saying- look into it!
    The stats show that the annual cost of a dog is $800-$1200 though!
    I think they earn that money though for being so sweet and amazing! :)

  13. aww poor puppy. he's worth it though. He seriously is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. If only I could take care of a big pup like that!!! if only... :)

  14. poor Sullivan!!! :(

    Ms. Elle Woods has ASPCA pet health insurance. It's about 55 bucks a month but I think it's worth it. It definitely paid for itself in her first year between her spaying, a bout with kennel cough, mange, and and when she got stitches in her foot (it's rough being a puppy!).

    It only covers 80% or so (just like people insurance), but it does take a chunk out of annual stuff like heartworm pills, etc.

    Hope it turns out to be nothing big!

  15. aww hon.. that's a lot of money.. Hopefully they'll figure out what's going on with him. We have 3 pups but fortunately I work in veterinary medicine and get the hook up! But a lot of people like their pet insurance... you might want to look into it.

  16. Thanks for posting the chat. Love it. Especially the "It cost me my flat screen." My husband is in freak out mode over the cost of a baby. My solution is we BOTH ask for $$ for Christmas to pay for the crib and dresser. He didn't like that so much. He would rather have power tools. Our home renovations are done. Power tools for what?!?

  17. I laughed out loud at peenie! That is hilarious. Poor Sullivan. I hope the meds work.

  18. Poor Sullivan! I hope he starts to feel better soon!

  19. Aw, poor Sully! Get well soone! Lol, peenie is hysterical as I only have girl dogs. That convo reminded me of a very similar one between my hub and i this summer when i almost passed out when the lady at the front desk at the vet office told me our total was $600 and something. hang in there. and don't cha just hate it when hubby's think it's cool to mention all of the things you can't have because of an expensive bill? mine likes that game.

  20. awww your poor baby!!! I hope he comes out ok!
    Although I have to say I almost died reading all of that, and then I had to turn to my boyfriend and read it to him. Word for word it sounds EXACTLY like us. hahahaha Thanks. :)

  21. yikes that is a ton of money!! I am thinking pet insurance is the way to go!!

  22. Sending big doggie get well wishes from me and my little doggie to the truly fab Sullivan! Get well soon smasher xx

  23. First of all, POOR SULLIVAN! I hope he feels better as soon as possible.

    Second... I hear you on the vet bills! Since June we have spent over $3,000 on our dog and vet visit. FML!!!!

  24. aww, poor thing!! i have looked into pet insurance before, it looks like a good idea if your dog racks up the bills, and it looks like you could have saved major on that one trip alone! i hope he knows how much you guys love him!!

  25. Praying for Sullivan! Bless his heart! I know the feeling. We have Kirby- a 7 year old Doxie- and we've spent well over a small fortune on 2 different back surgeries for her plus 2 different trips to the surgeon when we THOUGHT her back was going out again! But, she is worth EVERY penny and I wouldn't trade her for the world! People that don't have dogs DO NOT- I REPEAT- DO NOT understand...but you just do what you can for your 4 legged baby while you can! thank the Lord you DON"T have that monster house payment due and that you were able to pay for his "procedure"! Me & kirbs will pray for him together tonight! Where 2 or more are gathered right---doesn't say how many legs those 2 have to have! :)

  26. awww, poor puppy...and poor YOU and hubs! I have a lab and while she hasn't cost us much money over the years,I am sure she will at some point. They are so worth it aren't they?? :)

  27. Aww poor baby dog! we have pet insurance, vpi.... but I feel like its still a fortune!!! :( xxxoo

  28. I just sent that to Josh and told him to chillax and told him see there are other normal people like us out there :) we have two dogs.
    two dogs= way to much money :)

  29. Oh poor little guy. Dogs are worth every penny. They are just furry children.

  30. AWWW I hope your pup is feeling better! He is super cute in that Ravens jersey tho!

  31. Awww at least he has some style wearing that jersey!!! Go Ravens!

  32. I talked to an insurance agent about getting pet insurance. She laughed at me. As a single woman with only my dog to take care is a good idea!


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