Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marital Musings. On Christmas Cards.

AP: Hey Hubs, what's my budget for this year's photo Christmas cards?

(Ahem, let's take a minute. I'd like to point out how awesome it is that I'm actually concerned about our budget. Bud-get. See? It really is in my vocabulary!)

Hubs: How many do we need? Like 50?

AP: FIFTY? You practically have fifty people on your side of the family! I was going to get between 100 and 120!

Hubs: You don't even have 100 friends. Who are you kidding?

AP: I bet I do! [Start rattling off names of friends and family...)

Hubs: Alright, alright. You can order 100 but for every one that you don't send, I'm going to make you eat it.

AP: Deal. [hesitates] Can Sullivan help?

Hubs: Of course. [hesitates] Wait, he'll really eat them!

AP: Duh, that's why I asked!


  1. Hahaha! Definitely something my husband would say and a deal we would make.

  2. Ha ha ha... your conversations crack me up. Love it!

  3. heyii so which picture have you decided for the christmas card finally???

  4. HAHAHA! Are your husband and my boyfriend the same person?! He would TOTALLY say this to me... and me on the other hand, yes I would indeed rattle off make believe names if needed!

    Love it!

  5. so cute!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has to check with the budget guru on things.

  6. That is so funny, I didn't even tell hubby how much our were oops but I only ordered 40 ;)

  7. I nominated you for an award! Go check it out!


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