Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet...

and I'm already thinking about Christmas.

We have plans this weekend to break into No Man's Land
aka our attic
to bust out our Christmas decorations.

I. can't. wait.

I did promise, however, to not even talk about
putting our tree up until after Thanksgiving.
Becuase I'm pretty sure it would the proof my husband needed
to convince himself I'm crazy.

Don't worry, that tree will be up Saturday, November 28th!

Since my darling husband
and loving family read this blog,
I thought I might make this year's present shopping
experience a breeze. You know, by putting out there
just exactly what I would like for Christmas. This way,
there's no brain-wracking, no worrying, no long nights
spent tossing and turning, trying to figure out what would be
the perfect gift.

Keep in mind, I'm only half serious and both
my family and husband know this about me.

You know me, always thinking about others!

First up, the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.
Word on the street is that this is a fab lens
to showcase the 15.1 megapixel goodness that is my camera.
I cannot wait to shoot with this lens!

Wipe the drool from my face, I adore this ring.
David Yurman's Prasiolite Albion Petite
Split Shank ring. There's also an 11mm beauty, but
I fear this might be too big for my dainty little hands.
I've been lusting over this ring ever since
Hubs devirginized me to the wonder that is
David Yurman for my birthday last year.
Size 6.
Muchas Gracias.

What's not to love about these boots?
I think I need them.
JCREW Chalet Shearling.
Size 10, please.

And last but not least,
I haven't bought a watch for myself since my
parents gave me my Swiss Army watch when I
was first accepted into Nursing School.
Afterall, every nurse needs a watch with a second hand!
It was a very sentimental gift (my favorite kind!) and I wear it all the time.
I just think maybe it's time I add another one to my lone collection!
The Burberry Round Watch
It can be found at Neiman's, Nordie's, Macy's
and of course, the Burberry store.
You know, just incase you were wondering.
Not to mention it would coordinate ever SO nicely with
my fab wellies.

So there you have it.
Ashley Paige's Christmas List.
What about Hubs, you ask?
You should see Hub's list.
Xbox 360... the new Zune.. the Nook..
His list goes on.. and on.. and on..
He says,
"Now you know how I feel!"

Silly Hubs.


  1. I have that ring... in blue!!!! I love your choices... I need some new uggs.. in grey :)xoxoxox

  2. That ring is GORGEOUS! As are the boots! Super cute!!! I'm buying our tree tonight! I'm sooo excited!!

  3. Very nice list. My tradition is to put up the Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. I just can't wait any longer than that!! Plus, you get to enjoy the tree at Thanksgiving dinner :)

  4. Your blog is so cute! Love your list...I may need to steal a few of these ideas!

  5. Fabulous list. I have been needing that exact DY ring! Eeeeck! I think ladies getting the earlybird hankering to cover the house in Christmas is an epidemic this year!... Maybe it every year actually...

  6. That ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I might need to add that to my list!

  7. I just bought that lens a few months ago and despite the fact that I've only used it like three times I love it.

    I am predicting you will love it. Someone should definitely buy it for you.

  8. Hello Miss... I have the 50mm and I love it! The only thing I'd say about it is that you cannot zoom (booo). And that DY ring, my fav... and a part of my every day wardrobe no matter what I'm wearing, it's a must!

    PS - I put up our Christmas tree yesterday... ha!


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