Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm in LOVE!

Ok. I've come to the conclusion that, after reading many girls' blogs, there are some pretty great husbands/boyfriends/fiances out there, but ladies, I apologize, my husband is THE best. (Not that I'm biased or anything).

Since we're on mission "Live Off One Salary and Save Everything For a House" Hubs and I decided early on that we wouldn't be doing anything over-the-top for Valentine's Day this year. I have to break and give us MUCHO kudos for sticking to our budget the way we've been. It has certainly been difficult, especially "in these economic times" but we've been scrimping and saving nonetheless and doing a fantastic job of it!

As we all know, husbands are very difficult creatures to buy presents for and rarely can you turn grilling tools, a beer of the month subscription or even a watch, into something uber cute and romantical. This year, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy Hubs and finally settled on a little bed and breakfast getaway in Cape May, New Jersey. Juggling our crazy, non-comformist work schedules and a six month old puppy doesn't allow for much get-up-and-go so I knew I would have to mention it to Hubs and sacrifice the surprise of it.

Me: So, honey.. I''ve been thinking about what to get you for Valentine's Day.

Hubs: Does it involve something naughty? (typical)

Me: Well, it could. How does a weekend at a beach-y bed and breakfast sound?

Hubs: That's a great idea. But all I really want are some new Rainbows.

(for those of you who do not know, Rainbows are the best pair of flip-flops EVER).

Me: Are you serious? You just want me to buy you flip-flops? That's not romantic! "Honey, I love you. Here's your flip-flops."

Hubs: Can you make them doubles? And premium leather? I'm a little high-maintenance when it comes to 'bows.

Well.. I caved. And bought my husband quite possibly the most un-romantic gift ever. So much for the surprise factor.

Do I know what I'm getting for Valentine's Day? YES! Why? Because I totally ruined the surprise all by myself.

I've been drooling over the Amazon Kindle for MONTHS. And MONTHS. And MONTHS.

Seriously, it's nearly every bookworm's fantasy. Word on the street was that Amazon was coming out with a newer model and therefore, it never made any sense to purchase the Kindle 1. In testament to my desire to own a Kindle, I actually gave up buying books at Barnes and Noble and relegated myself to the dirty, dusty shelves of the local library.

Well, well, well. Logging onto this morning (in an attempt to find Hubs a SURPRISE Vday present) I saw it. In all it's slim, technological glory. The Kindle 2. "OH MY GOD." I actually yelled it out loud and my stomach did a little butterfly-flippy thing. You can pre-order your very own Kindle 2.

I immediately dial Hubs at work. No answer.

Time for mass email assault.

First email: "THERE'S A KINDLE 2!! And you can reserve your place in line to pre-order!!! Oh please tell me this is within our budget/wifely stipend?!"

(five minutes passes.. no reply and the Kindle 2 comes available February 24th. And it ships first come, first serve!).

Second Email: "Ok, i really might be going crazy over here.. it's due out february 24th and it's first-come, first-serve.. can i pre-order it using my credit card and then you can keep my stipend for the next two weeks?! can we strike some sort of deal? maybe a little payment plan *winkwink*"

(three more minutes and still no reply. C'mon Hubs I KNOW you're sitting in front of your laptop!)

Reply: "Relax. It's already been ordered. Days ago. Happy Valentine's Day, my bookworm."

He's truly amazing, isn't he? I'm in LOVE
(with my husband that is, not the Kindle 2. Yet....)


  1. You've got yourself a fabulous guy! Good for you for making saving money a priority. Saving up to buy a house is definitely worth the sacrifice. Enjoy the Kindle! I love mine :)

  2. You def. my go to Mrs. Frugal gal!! I need to start saving (since getting a new job). Yay for the fab gift! Those are pretty awesome:) Yay for great and loving hubs, fiances, and boyfriends.


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