Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eau de' Red Gummy Bears.

Ever since my Dad turned to my mom and said "You smell like red gummy bears," her once signature scent was immediately handed down to moi. That was nearly seven years ago. Now, I love red gummy bears and therefore had no qualms donning the sweet smelling perfume. Everyone knows that perfume doesn't smell the same on every girl due to her own unique chemistry and Hubs (pre-Hubs) while he was falling in love with me, fell in love with Givenchy's Hot Couture. He's always asking that I put it on even if we're just lounging around the house in T's and sweats. It's been my signature, staple scent and makes me feel both classy and beautiful. Hey, it even makes me feel a little sassy! What more could a girl ask from a bottle of perfume?

(Okay, okay, she could ask for a lighter scent in the summer months. This is when the Givenchy takes a backseat to Ralph Lauren's Cool. Some scents are just too heavy for sundresses and flip-flops!)The moral of this story? I think I'm ready for something new. Don't get me wrong- I'm not big on change and although Hubs owns a few bottles of Burberry, Lacoste and Polo colognes, I refuse to let him wear anything other than Curve. Just the thought of the smell of it makes me go weak in the knees!

So what now? Since the thought of heading to the nearest department story to sniff through bottles and bottles of perfumes makes my eyes tear and my nose tingle, I decided to look through this month's current catalogs that are beginning to overtake the breakfast bar in the kitchen. What did I find? Success. If it can pass Hub's test- It's a sure bet. Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Thing Noir. It smells a little seductive. A little playful. How could Hub's not love it? And look at that little atomizer. I've always wanted one of those! What are your staple scents?

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  1. I love Victoria's Secret Heavenly - its so light that I can wear it all the time! :-)


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