Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awkward, Much?

We all know Hubs is a pretty lucky guy. Afterall, he gets to spend the rest of his life with me and a crazy Old English Sheepdog. Well, this Valentine's Day, I wanted him to feel even luckier.

How so?

With a trip to every man's favorite place.. No, not Home Depot (we reserve that for Saturdays, remember?) But Victoria's Secret. Rather than trek on out to the huge mall twenty minutes from my house, I thought I'd just casually run by the adorable little outdoor shopping center just minutes down the road. Granted, their selection isn't much, but I love shopping for lingerie about as much as I love shopping for bathing suits.

So here I am.. perusing the racks of satin, lace and leather (?!!) when I suddenly get that uncomfortable feeling that someone is watching me.

Sure enough, there's a couple of random men simply wandering around the store. One would think, "Hey, they're probably a little overwhelmed/lost/unsure when it comes to picking out lingerie for their special lady friend" but these two men were just wandering.. and staring. And staring. And wandering.

Every time I picked an item off the rack, I felt their eyes boring a hole into the back of my head. Not only did I leap outside of my comfort zone with the item that I decided to purchase (Hubs, you'd better appreciate this and talk about it for months) but their not-so-casual glances and not-so-subtle whispers had me feeling more uncomfortable than ever.

As I cautiously made my way into the fitting room, I tossed around the idea of saying something to the saleswoman. Not wanting to call further attention to myself, I decided against the idea and hoped to myself that they might be gone once I finished my own private fashion show.

Trying not to get myself tangled in satin or twisted in lace ties, I carefully tried to listen for footsteps and inapprorpiate whispers. (Am I crazy, or what?) Just as I was making my final decision, I overheard the very voluptuous "take-no-crap-from-nobody" saleswoman kindly asked the Creepy McCreepersons to leave.

Whew. Unbelieveable.

And then I decided to treat myself to a very small, but very free box of Godiva chocolates.

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