Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Off? Shop On!

For the last four and a half years, I worked three twelve-hour shifts per week. Sounds nice, right? Granted, it eventually took a toll on me, both phsyically and emotionally (especially switching between the 7PM-7AM shift and the 7AM-7PM shift in the same week) but the minute I woke up for work in the morning/evening, I immediately looked forward to my three, four, sometimes five and six consecutive days off. Now that I've switched gears to a more "normal" schedule with ten-hour days and no mandatory weekend time, I've missed my long stretches of days off terribly.

Gone are the days when I would leave town for a couple nights to frequent whatever current state Hubs was traveling to.

Gone are the days when I could schedule Girls' Weekends at the drop of a hat and not have to use paid vacation time.

Hello one day off a week.

Hello trying to make said one day off a week as productive as possible!

Do you know how much pressure that is? To motivate myself to wake up early, walk the dog, clean the house, walk the dog, do the laundry, run my usual errands, play with the dog AND find a little me time all in ONE day? It's EXHAUSTING!

I do have to take a moment to pat myself on the back because for the last couple of weeks, I've been really good at sticking to my routine of getting the aforementioned items successfully checked off of my To-Do List.

I've even added eating healthy and taking the pupster for extra-long walks to the list AND managed to lose enough pounds to fit myself back into my freshman-year-of-college-going-out-Original-Sevens-jeans! (It was a beautiful day in the M household that day, let me tell you!)

However, everyone is entitled to one slip off of the bandwagon, right? Today I've sucessfully managed to spend the majority of my day working on my butt-dent in the couch. I even sacrificed a lap or two of Sully's walk just to come back and catch up on my DVR (Hello, the two-hour Grey's Anatomy special was calling my name!) And when I did find the motivation to move around, it was only to the computer where I proceeded to spend a little bit of my wifely stipend on the following items:

Item Numero Uno: With my sanity-saving, cold-weather-fleeing, weekend getaway to the Bahamas less than a month away, I thought I might peruse the web for a new bathing suit. Hubs actually picked this one out of the Vicky Secret Swim catalog so we'll have to wait and see if it measures up! Estimated date of arrival is March 3rd which gives this beach bum a couple more weeks to get her beach bod in shape!

Item Numero Dos: A custom created Longchamp tote to act as my carry-on for the flight to my sanity-saving, cold-weather-fleeing weekend getaway to the Bahamas. Due to the creative ingenius that is Flash Player, I couldn't grab a picture of my newest favorite bag to add to the blog, but so that you get the idea it's the original Medium Le Pilage tote in a very pretty turqouise (Blueberry) with a pretty tan (Beige) stripe down the center. I'm in love. You can create your very own custom

Longchamp by clicking the link! Happy Creating! It's back to the couch for this couch potato (but maybe only after a red velvet cupcake?)!


  1. Woah, that make your own bag is pretty awesome. I am doing it right now. Thanks for the link!

  2. I too am becoming obsessed with the longchamp totes! I want one so bad!!!

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