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Toys For Taking Trips and Traveling With Toddlers

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We spent a lot of time on the road this summer. More time, really, than I care to recall mostly because the thought of it brings to mind moments that I'm not particularly proud of. Specifically the moments that involved me shouting repeatedly "don't make me pull this car over!" or "if I have to ask you to share one more time, I'm turning this thing around!" to a pair of brothers who refused to keep their hands to themselves in the back of the truck. 

But with all of our back and forth to and from the family beach house, all of the hours bickering in the car were more than worth it considering the amazing memories we made while spending heaps and gobs of time together as a family. Sure I can sit here and complain about the trips to and fro but when it comes down to having the opportunity to getaway whenever we want, we truly are more than grateful. 

How is it thought that traveling with toddlers can so quickly and easily make a three hour car ride feel like an eternity?

Speaking of traveling with toddlers, something else that I'm grateful for are toys that can easily stow and go and make the trip to and from the beach house without taking up tons of space in our bags. Why? Because as the boys grow older and their toy tastes change, I like to swap out the stash of toys we keep at the beach house for them and their cousins to play with. While at times I would love to pack up our whole entire playroom, I have to be mindful of the amount of space in our bags that we pack for the trip! 

Toys that can easily be stowed inside a small bag, such as a diaper bag, are typically the ideal size to travel with. Bonus points if any small accessories that come with the toy can be stowed in and among itself.

One of our favorite toys to travel with this summer as been the Playskool Roll 'N Gears Car. If it has wheels there's no question as to whether or not the boys will love it and this toy has been loved and played with by all three of them at various points throughout the summer. Even though it's marketed for ages 12+ months, my 5 and 3 year old as well as my 16 month old have all enjoyed their time with this toy for various reasons. 

My 5 year old really appreciates the engineering mechanics and gears associated with the toy. He loves making the cause and effect connection between twisting a knob and watching the gears turn while my 3 year old mostly enjoys zooming the car all over the place with appropriate demolition sound effects, of course.

My 16 month old loves to open the car and stack all five of the removable gears on top of each other before twisting the knob and watching the tower of gears spin. He also loves that he can pack up his gears quickly and easily and tote them all over the house. When you have older brothers who also enjoy stealing your toys, portability is key. 

The entire Roll 'N Gears Car fits easily into a small diaper bag or even a toddler backpack making it exceptionally appealing for fun on the go. It was the perfect toy to pack in our bags and leave at the beach house to be enjoyed by all the little kids in our family. 

To see several other toys in this series that would be great for traveling with toddlers, visit this post and this post. For even more toy-filled fun stay up to date with Playskool on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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