Monday, August 10, 2015

Grab and Go Toys for Tots: Taking Fun on the Fly!

We played and learned and had lots of fun with this sponsored post 
from Playskool and Socialstars! #PlayskoolCrew

You have somewhere to be. Somewhere that requires you to lose the yoga pants in favor of something with an actual button fly. Something a bit less Controller of Chaos and a bit more Professional Mom. 

You're in the midst of refereeing World War III over who gets the only Lego propeller piece in the house (mental note: order another propeller from Amazon) while simultaneously making sure you've packed all of your own essentials for the day (wallet, cell phone, keys, water bottle, iced coffee, chap-stick, extra hair ties, naturally) and that's when it hits you. 

You realize you never called the sitter and you have to take one (or all, *gulp*) of the kids with you. 

You freak out. 

How will you ever keep the baby entertained for longer than three and a half minutes? Sure, snacks are great but sometimes there just aren't enough snacks on the Eastern seaboard to keep him busy and there's no way you're sacrificing yet another chap-stick for the sake of several quiet minutes (mental note #2: order another EOS  balm). 

For a brief minute, you wistfully long for the days when you only had one child and could hole yourself up in the house for weeks on end; no schedules to adhere to, no meetings to attend, no play dates to hustle your way through but then you quickly remember you've got Playskool on your side and you suddenly breathe a sigh of relief. 

With a new line of toys designed to be played with on the go, you wipe the sweat from your brow and quickly seek out the Stack N' Stow Cups and Fold N' Go Busy Elephant and hope for the best.

Your meeting runs smoothly and you're certain it's because of the awesome toys you brought along. You're calling today a win before 3pm and that's a miracle in and of itself. You tell all of your Mom Friends With Littles about these toys... because who are you to keep something this good a secret from them? 

The Stack N' Stow Cups have become something we rarely leave the house without. In fact, they've found a permanent home in the diaper bag because they're just that convenient to pack up and toss in there. They don't take up much space but trust me when I say they're worth their weight in mimosas. 

At 15 months old, we are all about stacking and nesting and the bright colors and fun shapes are an added bonus. I love how these cups nest together and lock safely inside the lion case for easy travel. 

We've taken them with us on play dates, meetings over coffee as well as to the pool and beach! With so much fun into a convenient little case, it's hard to leave them behind!

Although designed for babies 3 months and older, the Fold N' Go Busy Elephant is packed with fun for our littlest one. With lots of fun colors, textures and sounds to explore, this toy comes complete with 7 activities rolled into one fun play mat.

The best part? It's machine washable. All you need to do is toss it inside a pillow case and run it through the washing machine for safe and easy cleaning. Too many of our "softie floor toys" have met a dismal fate after turning a lovely shade of grey. Let's face it, we as mothers don't have time to "spot clean" anything let alone a child's toy and the fact that I can throw this play mat right into the wash with a typical load of laundry makes it a veritable win in my book. 

Stack, nest, squeak and tug- these toys are fun when we're on the run! Thanks, Playskool, for packing a ton of fun into a conveniently compact toy!
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