Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Protect Your Phone From Life With Kids.

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Otterbox and the SITS Girls. 
Because life happens and your phone shouldn't have to suffer.

Drool. Syrup. Applesauce. Sand. 

You may be asking yourself what these items have in common and the answer is simple. All of the above (among much, much more) have been mediums found all over my iPhone and while I'd love to be the kind of mother who waxes poetic about the dangers of toddlers and technology, the truth is sometimes you find yourself in a situation that only Netflix or Peekaboo Barn can soothe.

This week alone I can count on one hand the number of instances I've handed my beloved phone over to one of my three children just to keep them quiet for five whole minutes. 

Now, you know how attached we bloggers are to our technology- I must either really love my children or really love the technology-induced trance that comes with the glowing screen of a children's app to hand my phone over to someone known for their spontaneous and reckless behavior. 

It only took one shattered iPad screen in the parking lot of the OB's office several years ago to send me into a wild tailspin of research regarding the best kinds of cases to protect my beloved i-things. Ever since that day I've been down an iPad which means I rely even more heavily on my phone to keep me connected, synced and up-to-speed on important things like school schedules, deadlines, play dates and the new Fall television line-up. 
Although the results were glaringly obvious, I went ahead and took this quiz to find out which OtterBox case would best suit my needs. Naturally my #PhoneWrecker personality revealed that a Mini Mangler would most likely be the cause of ultimate phone destruction. That's why the Defender Series was recommended as the ideal case to best protect my phone from the, er, elements

Well, more specifically, this guy: 

With an OtterBox case, I don't have to worry about anything happening to my phone when it finds its way into tiny toddler hands. No longer do I cringe if  when my phone takes a topple down a flight of stairs thanks to the baby and I certainly wouldn't don't wince when my 3 year old accidentally misses the tabletop and tosses my phone directly onto the wood floor.

In fact, I didn't even miss a beat last week when I pulled out of my driveway having completely forgotten that I placed my phone atop the car just minutes earlier as I loaded the baby into his car seat only to be reminded of my lapse in judgment as the phone bounced onto my hood and into the road as I pulled out of our neighborhood. 

The Defender Series is the original rugged, multi-layer case designed by OtterBox to protect with increased durability against drops by deflecting the shock away from the device. It also prevents all the important jacks and inputs from becoming clogged with dust and the built-in clear membrane protects the device's screen from scratches. 

Basically it protects my phone from Life with Kids, which is exactly what I need most. 

If the Defender Series isn't what you're looking for, OtterBox has tons of other protection series's available and I encourage you to take this quiz to find out which one best suits your needs. (Share your Phone Breaker quiz results via social media or email and receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order at Of note, this coupon cannot be combined with any other special offer).
If you're interested in learning more about OtterBox and perhaps winning some really awesome prizes, join me during the OtterBox Twitter Party THIS Wednesday September 16th at 9amPST/12pmEST. 


Tell me, what's the worst thing to ever happen to your phone? 
I bet OtterBox has a case for that.
Hope to see you Wednesday on Twitter!

I received product for free in exchange for this post. 
All opinions expressed above are honest and my own.
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